Rajit Dev on International Dance Day: ‘I want to inspire people to explore the world of dance’

Rajit Dev on International Dance Day: ‘I want to inspire people to explore the world of dance’
International Dance Day is celebrated across the globe on April 29. The day is celebrated to encourage people to dance. Dancing is also seen as therapy and thanks to the digital age, this mode of expression has received a big platform. People from all walks of life are now coming forward and learning dancing. On this occasion, renowned choreographer and music video director Rajit Dev, who has choreographed songs like Pachtaoge, Radha, Baarish Ki Jaaye, shared his thoughts.

He said, “Dance has become a part of his everyday life. It all started with becoming a background dancer to choreographer to a director. Now I want to inspire people to come forward and explore the world of dance. I was inspired by Michael Jackson, Prabhudheva, Hrithik Roshan, and Shahrukh Khan.” For Rajit the proudest moment was when he received an award for his solo performance and he saw his dad smiling with pride.

Rajit mentioned, “My parents have always been very supportive. My dad used to take me to all the competitions when I was in school. He even used to take care of the other kids whose parents didn’t come for those events. He always believed in me and knew that his son would make him proud.”

Sharing tips for aspiring dancers, he said, “Have faith in yourself. You have to live and love dance. It has to be from the heart. Everything seems colorful and beautiful from the outside world but there’s a lot of dedication and hard work which goes into becoming a professional dancer. It’s a beautiful art form. Don’t look out for fame. Let your work speak for itself. Give time for it to happen. And once it happens you will be thankful for this art form.”

Rajit is also very hopeful about the future dance scenario in India. He said, “The future is very bright. Dancers from India have already put our Indian flag at the top position. With the digital age, all dance teachers can spread their knowledge across the world. So definitely we are learning from others at the same time sharing our dance forms with the rest of the world. Have you seen the small kids in reality shows? They all are superhumans. And I’m glad to see the future like this.”