Ranbir Kapoor, raging on paparazzi on father’s death anniversary, said- ‘He is doing you wrong’

Ranbir Kapoor, raging on paparazzi on father’s death anniversary, said- ‘He is doing you wrong’

A year has passed since the demise of Bollywood veteran actor Rishi Kapoor. Rishi Kapoor’s death anniversary was celebrated on the previous day. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt had reached Pooja at Neetu Kapoor’s house. On this occasion, Ranbir Kapoor is seen raging over Paparazzi. A video of Ranbir is also going viral on social media.

Actually, Ranbir Kapoor had reached Neetu Kapoor’s house on the occasion of his father’s death anniversary on the last day for worship. During this time, paparazzi surrounded him outside his house and started photographing him. In such a situation, Ranbir Kapoor was seen flaming up on Paparazzi. Ranbir advised him to make a proper distance and follow Kovid’s rules. Ranbir said, ‘You are doing it wrong.

After listening to Ranbir, Paparaji also understood that Ranbir is getting angry with him. Paparazzi was also seen admitting his mistake as Ranbir Kapoor was sorry. At the same time, Alia Bhatt also appeared alongside Ranbir Kapoor. Alia Bhatt got straight from the car and went inside the house. At the same time, Ranbir also went straight in, speaking to Paparazzi.

On the first death anniversary of Rishi Kapoor, his family remembered him on the last day. Neetu Kapoor and daughter Riddhima Sahni shared with the emotional post fans. While sharing a black and white photo, Neetu Kapoor wrote, ‘The past year was full of sorrow and grief for the whole world, too much for us because we had lost them. Not a single day has passed when we have not talked about them or remembered them as our share. Sometimes their sensible opinion sometimes stories. We missed him all year with a smile because he is always in our hearts. We have accepted that life will never be possible without them, but life will go on. ‘

so at the same time, the sage and Neetu’s daughter also remembered him on his father’s first death anniversary. Riddhima shared one of her childhood and one after growing up with her father. In the caption accompanying this picture, he wrote, ‘I wish I could hear you once again calling me Mushka. We always think of you until we meet again, we talk about you, haven’t forgotten you yet, and will never forget you. Because you are always close to our hearts and until we meet again, you will remain to guide our lives. ‘ Love you always ”