Rand al’Thor (‘The Wheel of Time’) and Jaime Lannister (‘Game of Thrones’) fought in a ‘fanfic’ written by George RR Martin himself in 2010

Who won? He published it in his ‘Live Journal’ and there it is, more than a decade later, so it is not too late to find out. Now both fantasy sagas are popular television series.

When Game of Thrones, the first novel in George RR Martin’s saga A Song of Ice and Fire, was released in 1996, Robert Jordan had already started publishing for six years. The Wheel of Timeor that, at that time, he was already in his seventh book. Both coexisted for a time and also both became two of the most famous fantasy literary sagas, applauded and loved by fans.

Thus, when the project convert The Wheel of Time In a television series she finally managed to materialize, everyone began to point to her as the “new Game of Thrones Or, at the very least, as her potential heir. Again, a fantasy saga that had sold millions of copies around the world turned into a television blockbuster, but those are all the comparisons that could be made. As you will know if you have seen both fictions, the stories created by Jordan and Martin are Absolutely different, although they take place in an incredible universe full of mythology and in them there is magic, politics and a group of characters with really addictive plots.

Between adaptations, there is also an essential difference: While the Amazon series starts with the advantage that the Robert Jordan saga came to an end in 2013 (it did so under the pen of Brandon Sanderson after the author’s death), the HBO series had to continue on its own and develop your own ending. Martin’s saga remains unfinished to this day. It has been 10 years recently since the publication of the last novel that saw the light, Dance of dragons, and although the author has two more in mind to close the story, the truth is that fans still do not know the “official” outcome.

George R.R. MartinĀ y Robert Jordan They were born the same year -1948-, both dedicated their lives to writing fantasy, their most important sagas are contemporary, they shared the fact of being two of the authors most appreciated by fans of the genre and yes, they knew each other and maintained an excellent relationship. This can be deduced from various statements by Martin, in which he has always referred to Jordan with great admiration and respect and assuring that he had been very helpful.


Interestingly though The Wheel of Time Y Game of Thrones They take place in universes and timelines that have nothing to do with each other and that comparisons between the two are only based on a question of gender and time, the reality is that there is a history in which they converge. A ‘fanfic’ story that pits the very Rand against Thor (Josha Stradowski) and Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster Waldau) and written by George RR Martin himself.

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The curious text is remembered by the expert website in Song of ice and fire The seven kingdoms, where they make an interesting analysis of Martin’s tributes to The Wheel of Time.

Posted in 2010 on your famous ‘Live Journal’ account Not A Blog, in which he continues to write to this day, Martin shares how the final duel of a tournament between the two famous characters would unfold. The Dragon Reborn VS. the Kingslayer. In it, Rand uses his sword and his ability to channel the One Power, while Jaime has a spear, his sword and his horse.

The author wrote the story as part of the Suvudu Cage Match Championship, a kind of tournament in which he faced fictional characters.s. Who won? We will only tell you that, as Brandon Sanderson himself assured in his text on the outcome of the tournament, “The result would have made Robert Jordan smile.”