Rap, the musical genre that continues to dominate the French charts

(ETX Daily Up) – Artists labeled “rap” have been on the rise for years. This trend was accentuated in 2021, according to Deezer. The music streaming service has revealed the list of the most popular songs, albums and artists to its French users over the past twelve months. Most of them belong to hip-hop.

Half of the most listened to tracks this year on Deezer were composed by rappers. Among them are “Petrouchka” by Soso Maness and PLK, “Organized Band” of the 13 Organized collective or even “Mona Lisa” by Booba. But the most popular song remains “La Kiffance” by Naps. It appears on the Marseille rapper’s last and sixth album, “Les mains fait pour l’or”.

This musical project is not in the list of the most listened to albums on the streaming service. The first place goes to SCH and their fifth album, “JVLIVS II”. It went gold four days after its March 19 release. Ninho’s “MILS 3” and Booba’s “ULTRA” were also acclaimed by French music lovers, as was Damso’s “QALF infinity”.

The influence of rap and hip-hop is particularly noticeable in Deezer users’ list of the most beloved male artists this year. It is exclusively composed of talents related to these musical genres such as Ninho, SCH, Booba and Dadju. The most popular of them, however, remains the Marseillais Jul, also known as Julien Mari.

Flat, however, on the side of the most popular female artists in 2021 on Deezer. The only female rapper in the ranking is Aya Nakamura, who is in second place. She appears there with the Americans Sia, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande, but also the French speakers Vitaa and Angèle. The Briton Dua Lipa has risen to the head of the top thanks to the resounding success of her second album, “Future Nostalgia”.