Rapper Soso Maness ignited the “Eldorado” scene in Agen

According to him, he had “never come to Agen”. And yet, that did not prevent him from being like a fish in water on the scene of the nightclub “Eldorado”, in Agen. The rapper Soso Maness was, in fact, in “showcase” this Saturday, March 18 in the discotheque in the city center of the city prefecture of Lot-et-Garonne.

Arrived around 2:30 a.m., the Marseille artist, known in particular for his title “Zumba Cafew”, “Petrouchka” and for his participation in the song “Organized Band” with other rappers from Marseille (Jul, SCH, Kofs, Naps, Elams, Solda, or even Houari), performed in front of the customers of the nightclub for a little half an hour.

The Agen public, who came in large numbers for the occasion, were able to enjoy the main titles of the singer, who did not hesitate to interact with them. Soso Maness even paid tribute to his Marseille “brothers” Jul, Naps or even SCH, by covering some of their greatest hits. A beautiful atmosphere for a gala evening in the night establishment of Agen.