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The iUteurki musicians have recorded an “extended play”, a live video, which will soon be released on YouTube.

The next musical projects of Gregg Weiss

Gregg Weiss, both American and French, produces pop music with a good cultural level. Gregg Weiss was one of the stars on stage at the first Lectoure Blues Festival, Les Notes Bleues-du bleu au blues (a new edition of which is scheduled for August 12-16) and is an artist who lives in this part of the Gers.

Songwriter, Gregg Weiss, originally from New York, is known here as the leader of Tildon Krautz, a modern bluegrass group that he had put on hold during the confinement imposed by the Covid-19 health crisis. Gregg Weiss’ new project, iUteurki, did very well on French stages last year and continues to tour.

This year, the group intends to visit Germany and Switzerland, while continuing to travel to the four corners of France. Recently, the musicians went to Château Lartigolle in Pessan with a film crew and recorded an “extended play”, a live video which will be released on YouTube in the coming weeks.

original music

iUteurki’s music is described as original. Gregg Weiss has chosen to put together a repertoire of classic songs by artists that everyone knows, such as Bowie, Neal Young, Blondie, Grateful Dead, Billy Joël, etc. However, he also includes in his musical programming songs written by his friends and his own compositions.

He has an interesting professional history. He started in New York in the 90s and many of his original colleagues have become quite well known. It is possible to hear his roots in the sound of his music and the listener will recognize the tones of the Velvet Underground, Will Oldham, Bruce Springsteen, etc. iUteurki’s music is available on major music platforms and can also be heard at its concerts announced in the region during this new season.