Redfall confirms its release date with a new 11-minute gameplay that reveals its world full of vampires – Redfall

After a considerable delay from the initial forecast, the Developer_Direct of Microsoft has finally allowed us to know the final release date of redfall. The game developed by arkane austin and edited by Bethesda Softworks will be available in both xbox-series like in pc starting next May 2, 2023. This puts an end to more than a year and a half of waiting since the title was first announced in the context of E3 2021. Of course, this was not going to be the only great novelty presented at the conference, for the that it had promised to offer in-depth details on the gameplay on this cooperative proposal set in a world dominated by vampires.

The great news of Redfall presented in the Developer_Direct

The expectations for this coming-out were high. The developers had weighed in on their proposal that this would be the largest world created by Arkane to date. A scenario that will be based on an island and that, we now know, will have quite varied environments. The company has emphasized that the areas of the game themselves are the ones that take part of the narrative weight and offer some additional insight into this story in which the vampires seem to be more protagonists than the characters controlled by the player.

After all, it is the vampires who eclipsed the sun and altered the tides, also creating an army of minions based on bites. They will be our main enemy and there will be all kinds of them. Some seem to be nothing more than a run-down human being, while others are capable of embarrassing Count Dracula himself. By this we mean that there will be different types of ‘bosses’ that promise to increase the challenge with a few unique mechanics. For example, in the ‘gameplay’ we were presented with a zone boss capable of obstructing vision, launching devastating projectiles and even dematerializing to avoid damage.


Although adding some more ‘generic’ elements, Redfall does not seem to give up its personality

Game developers like Prey either Dishonored They have wanted to display a whole arsenal of creative resources, showing phases with a very varied gameplay. There was no shortage of stealth areas, the appearance of great shootings or moments that seemed taken from a survival horror. All remixed with that aftertaste that only Arkane games leave us and some much more ‘mainstream’ practices. For example, the developers opted to introduce a progression focused on levels (at least in weapons) or the well-known characters with unique abilities that, to a certain extent, we can customize.

It should be noted, yes, that the game It is intended for both solo and cooperative modes. There are a total of four characters and we can choose the one we like the most, making three other friends join our world if we consider it so. In the absence of finding how the balance of these two facets is carried out, which is never something simple, the truth is that the presentation has left us eager to see the evolution for the launch. It is true that Redfall is not exactly what we expected from Arkane, but the proposal does seem very interesting. Remember that the game will be available on May 2 and keep in mind that reservations are now available.

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