Relentless movies arrive on HBO Max that Marvel is going to have a hard time matching

2008 was a definite turning point for superheroes on the big screen, with movies like ‘Iron Man’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ establishing two main directions from which they haven’t moved much. A standardization already started with other films but that these films took to the next level, offering a more acceptable average level but also more restriction before what a genre marked by fantasy could offer.

In this scenario, it is difficult to think that three films like the ones in the ‘Blade’ saga can be replicated. Kevin Feige’s Marvel wants to try it, but from the iron parameters of his universe. Even if the light bulb goes off and they decide to do something more daring with an adult rating, they are going to have a very difficult time. get the wild spirit of three movies which are already available in streaming through HBO Max.

The bloodshed superhero

The first ‘Blade’ came as quite a surprise, pushing the superheroic blockbuster forward while it was still finding its footing in the pool. Stephen Norrington finds in Wesley Snipes a imposing and unquestionable physical presence, which performs wonderfully in action scenes and in presenting an impenetrable facade without too much effort. From there, you can make an amazing cocktail shaker that beautifully incorporates all the elements of the vampire mythos and brings them into a very industrial, black leather-heavy 90s context.

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A film that doesn’t seem to cut too much when it comes to being wild and violent, exemplified by a Stephen Dorff in Goblin mode to give life to Blade’s nemesis. Even though it seems somewhat more standard in its action movie structure, the aesthetic values ​​of this first film are powerful and a successin addition to managing to handle the constant struggle of its protagonist well to avoid falling into its darkest part.

At the very least, it lays a great foundation from which ‘Blade II’ can fly more freely. Guillermo del Toro is hired in his first blockbuster and from the first moment he gives it an impressive life. More comic book, more pulp, more playful in vampire lore and more effective in his action. the mexican director wonderfully develops how to turn the action of the pages into cinematic actionand also lets an incredible passion for characters that could be considered monsters shine through.

‘Blade’: a fabulous adaptation

An injection of vitality that, unfortunately, could not be eternal. David S. Goyer took over the directing reins after signing the scripts, but it’s abundantly clear that he is out of his element on ‘Blade Trinity’. The slackest delivery by far it can’t find a way to keep up the dynamic fervour, with less memorable action bringing up underlying issues. Even the introduction of Ryan Reynolds doesn’t work, which coupled with Snipes’ fall from grace (and his bizarre insistence on not opening his eyes in a scene) precipitated the franchise to its end.

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It does not stop being a commendable trilogy, unrepeatable in its way of launching into blood and raw violence, taking advantage of an adult rating. Also an impressive lifeline for on-screen superheroes after the fall of Batman in the 1990s and the frustrated attempts to bring back Superman, while the popular Marvel heroes were slow to arrive. ‘X-Men’ would arrive to establish a less crazy standard and more suitable for the general public, but before that ‘Blade’ was able to hunt with an interesting freedom.

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