Relocation of the Déferlantes festival: “We have to get around the table”, says the mayor of Céret

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The mayor of Céret, Michel Coste, was questioned by our colleagues from L’Independant. In an interview, he assured that he was ready to discuss the future of the festival.

As the Déferlantes festival leaves Céret, the mayor of the city, Michel Coste, has decided to respond to the criticisms generated by this move in the columns of the Independent.

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“We had, on the one hand, a financial agreement between the community of municipalities of Vallespir and the association La Frontera, organizer of the Déferlantes, over 5 years, (…) and on the other, a tripartite agreement, still over 5 years, between La Frontera, the community of municipalities of Vallespir and the City of Céret”, Michel Coste first explained to our colleagues evoking “a specification which could never be finalized”.

“A race to gigantism”

“We have made it known that we will not sign the specifications for the 2023 edition until the organizers make improvements,” he added. Michel Coste explained in particular that if the city of Céret had not re-signed for the 2023 edition of Les Déferlantes, it is in particular because of a certain “race for gigantism” generated by the festival. “You don’t go from a place with 15,000 people to a space with 40,000 people – as was the case on the last night of the festival,” he said.

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Although dissatisfied with this organization, Miche Coste said he was inclined to discuss “out of respect for the festival-goers”. “We have to sit around the table in the coming days. (…) If we find a point of convergence, there may be a marriage of convenience or otherwise it will be a de facto separation”, he said. -he rocks. “But Céret and Vallespir have to be earned,” he added.