‘Rendir los machos’ by David Pantaleón wins the Best National Film Award at the L’Alternativa Festival

‘Esquirlas’, by Natalia Garayalde, and ‘Dark Light Voyage’, by Tin Dirdamal and Eva Cadena, win ex aequo in the international category. The sessions continue until November 28 and the online programming on Filmin until December 5.

The Barcelona Independent Film Festival, the Alternative, celebrate your 28th edition since last November 15. A festival characteristic for its auteur cinema where reflection and risk are always very present. Although we already know his record, where he stands out Surrender the males by David Pantaleón, the special sessions at the Cinema Maldà (Barcelona) continue until November 28 and the online programming in Filmin until December 5.

On November 19 the jury of l’Alternativa met to decide the winners of this edition. Surrender the males by David Pantaleón won the Award for Best National Filml at the L’Alternativa Festival. A feature film that, according to the jury, stands out “for the excellent staging and the approach of a suggestive correlation between the affective landscape and the Canarian topography, as well as the remarkable portrait of two volcanic masculinities and their exploration of an atavistic ritual, and the representation of autochthonous manners ”.

In addition, they have also decided to grant a special mention a The first womanby Miguel Eek. “Because of his approach to the field of mental health, tracing the different facets of a female portrait, while presenting brilliant scenes in which the border between documentary and fiction is blurred, generating purely cinematographic moments”, reads in the note press.

The international category has been very close. The International Feature Film Award de l’Alternativa Oficial, has been awarded equally to two films that have not left the jury indifferent. Splinters, by Natalia Garayalde, “for a precise and mature narrative, where the private and the public, the intimate and the political, maintain a balance and are enriched in their constant dialogue”. Shared with Dark Light Voyage, by Tin Dirdamal and Eva Cadena, “for a film that proposes a sensory journey that has captivated us by its hypnotic power. A poetic piece that looks in and out, that explores the world and intimate affections, that links us and brings us closer to the other ”.

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Regarding the International Short Film Award the winner was Félix Blume for Desert lights. The short stands out because “it reflects the multiple relationships of a community with the territory it inhabits through a choral sound treatment”. A special mention has also been awarded to Anxious, by Yoriko Mirzushiri, which is a “sensory animation, almost tactile, solved with an elegant minimal technique”.

To conclude the official section, Jean-Gabriel Périot has won the Don Quixote Award International Feature Film of l’Alternativa Oficial by Back to Reims. A film capable of “showing a sophisticated use of archive images, and adding value to the historical-social narrative”.

Remember: l’Alternativa, the Barcelona Independent Cinema Festival, continues with face-to-face sessions until November 28 and with online programming until December 5.