Rescue in the depths’: The documentary about how they saved 12 children in a cave in Thailand in 2018 is now on Disney +

Directed by the creators of ‘Free Solo’ for National Geographic, this hopeful story recounts one of the most dangerous saves involving a thousand people from around the world.

“Believe!” That was the last thing diver Rick Stanton told them before diving back to the 12 children and their trainer when he found them after 8 days trapped in a cave. They were members of a Thai soccer team and their 25-year-old coach had taken them to the cave for a picnic to celebrate one of their birthday. At the entrance a sign warned that they should not enter during the monsoon season, from July to October. It was June 28 and the coach thought it would be safe. However, once inside the cave, a downpour began that flooded all the galleries and blocked the exits. The kids were advancing until they found a safe place. It took them more than a week to find them, 2 km deep, but they were alive. The big problem then was how to get them out of there.

Rescue in the deep tells the story of that rescue in which more than a thousand people from all over the world got involved to free the kids. This feature-length documentary, directed by the creators of Free Solo E. Chai Vasarhelyi y Jimmy Chin y producido por National Geographic Documentary Films, It is now available exclusively on Disney +.

The married couple of directors, Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, describe the film as “a story about a group of people of different nationalities, languages ​​and cultures, working together to achieve a common goal.” And it is above all a story of hope:

Making this movie has allowed us to remember the beauty of humanity, especially in recent years when the world seems more divided than ever. We are thrilled to bring the documentary to viewers around the world through Disney +, and allow them to discover this extraordinary story of human self-improvement and compassion.

One of the professional divers advancing through the flooded galleries of the cave

What’s more, Rescue in the deep narrates in a dramatic and emotional way one of the most dangerous and extraordinary rescues in recent times. And it shows how dangerous cave diving can be, the amazing courage and generosity of rescuers, and the solidarity of the international community that came together to save children. Following the tradition of his previous films Free Solor, about El Capitan’s no-rope climb in Yosemite Park by climber Alex Honnold, and Meru, believe in the impossibleOn the climb of one of the most complex peaks in the Himalayas, Vasarhelyi and Chin document a tremendously risky physical feat that shows the details of a rescue that seemed impossible.

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An operation against the clock, since the monsoon rains that loomed were going to worsen the situation in the cave, and in which they had to choose between teaching the children to dive to get out of there, or waiting several months assisted by a medical team -various volunteers volunteered to be part of it-, until the water level dropped in the cave.

Rescue in the deep includes exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage, and transports viewers into this fateful cave and recounts the efforts of the Royal Thai Navy SEALs and US Special Forces.., and provides details of the risky rescue plan for specialized divers to remove the children, an operation in which one of the divers died, but all the children and their coach, a former Buddhist monk, managed to get out safely.

A very special soundtrack

“It is an incredibly intense and exciting cinematic experience. The directors wanted the audience to leave the cinema with a feeling of relief and hope so they commissioned us to write an optimistic song that invited us to believe in the impossible.”Explains composer Daniel Pemberton, who is responsible for the central theme of the documentary Believe performed by Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc, and which he has written together with composer Gary Go.

“The world’s toughest problems can be solved if the global community comes together to solve them. I believe that together we can overcome any obstacle, “concludes Aloe Blacc, the singer-songwriter of the film’s theme song Believe.

One of the key moments in Rescue in the deep that attracted composers to create the soundtrack was when UK diver Rick Stanton found the children by chance. He was putting gas cylinders on the route when the line ran out and he had to go up for air. When he raised his head out of the water, the children were there, in a state of shock. He asked them if they were okay, and how many were still alive, all of them were. And before saying goodbye and explaining that Rick Stanton would come back for them, he simply said over and over again “Believe!”. “We all wanted a song that captured that feeling, that joy and that moment of hope when, against all odds, the thirteen kids come to the surface alive,” concludes Pemberton.

Success in theaters and festivals

Rescue in the deep premiered with rave reviews at the 2021 Telluride Film Festival and won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival. It also won the Audience Award at the Camden Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival, Bend Film Festival and Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.

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It was released in theaters in some countries on October 8, 2021, and it is one of only three documentaries to have surpassed the million-dollar mark in box office gross this year. He currently has a 100% viewership score on Rotten Tomatoes and E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin were also named Best Directors in the 2021 Critic’s Choice Documentary Awards.

What’s more, Hollywood Records has shared the original song Believeby Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc, who has co-written with Gary Go and Daniel Pemberton. In addition, the original soundtrack of Rescue in the deepby Oscar®-nominated composer Daniel Pemberton. Pemberton recently won the 2021 Critic’s Choice Documentary Award for Best Soundtrack for his work on the documentary.

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