Reverse engine for controversial “activist” reality TV project

(AFP) – The creators of a new reality TV show competing activists to promote a charitable cause backtracked Thursday and profoundly changed their project in the face of the heated controversy it has sparked in recent days.

Named “The Activist”, the show was scheduled to air on US channel CBS in October and co-produced by the NGO Global Citizen, with stars such as singer Usher and actress Priyanka Chopra as presenters.

The audience was supposed to follow the adventures of “six activists” attempting to “create powerful movements” and “bring real change to one of the three vitally important global causes: health, education and environment, “according to the channel’s website.

Candidates “will face each other in challenges,” their “success being measured by the reception given to their online publications, analysis of social networks and comments from presenters,” continued CBS.

The final was scheduled on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Rome at the end of October, where budding activists were to seek funding and “raise awareness of their cause”.

This menu had given nausea to many activists, personalities and anonymous Internet users.

“Could they not give the money directly to militant causes, rather than turning activism into a game and giving a fraction of the necessary money into a + price +? People are dying,” the actress tweeted. and feminist activist Jameela Jamil.

Faced with this shower of criticism, the producers announced that they were changing the format of the show, abandoning the “challenges” and the multiple episodes to make a unique documentary.

“We were wrong,” apologized Global Citizen. “Activism is based on collaboration and cooperation, not on competition”, recognized the NGO which fights against poverty, for the preservation of the environment and for equity.

“I was moved by the power of your reactions”, launched her side Priyanka Chopra to her 27 million subscribers on Twitter. “The show was wrong, and I’m sorry that my participation on this show disappointed so many of you.”