Rico Rodriguez, Manny in ‘Modern Family’, reappears unrecognizable after three years away from the cameras

The new ‘look’ of the young actor has not gone unnoticed during his presence on the red carpet of the ‘premiere’ of ‘Shazam 2!’ in Los Angeles.

We had lost track of him a bit, but Rico Rodriguez, the young actor who he played the charismatic Manny Delgado during the 10 seasons of experience in Modern Family, has reappeared with a remarkable change of ‘look’ on the red carpet of the ‘premiere’ of Shazam! The Fury of the Gods and has quickly caused a furore on social media.

The young interpreter was only 10 years old when he became the son of Sofía Vergara’s character, Gloria, in the successful American sitcom and, as with the rest of the younger members of the cast, we saw him grow during the run of the series. When the famous comedy said goodbye forever in 2020, Rodriguez was already 21 years old.

Now Rodriguez is 24 and for the last three years after the outcome of the ABC series about the atypical and funny family he has been quite far from the spotlight., one of the reasons why seeing him on the red carpet has attracted so much attention. As we were able to see thanks to his attendance at the premiere of the new DC movie, the young performer now has a much more mature look and He has changed his ‘look’: with a beard and long curly hair. Likewise, Rodriguez also wore a most comfortable and casual outfit, with a jacket, black pants and sneakers.

What has Rico Rodriguez been doing during these three years? There is no evidence that Rico Rodriguez’s break in front of the cameras was sought or necessary to do something else, but the truth is that during the years immediately after the end of Modern Family, which coincided with the pandemic in all its splendor, did not have any projects. He was not seen at many events either, which is why his presence on the red carpet at Shazam 2 It hasn’t gone unnoticed, but Yes, he has remained very active on his social networks.

However, that period of inactivity could be coming to an end and from his official Instagram account we extract that he continues to work hard on his training as an actor.

In fact, at the end of December he proudly shared his participation in the podcast How to Win Friends and Disappear Peoplea project that is not a new job as an interpreter but one that has him absolutely excited.

For the rest, Rodriguez seems to be experiencing a period of great fun and often remembers his work on the famous ‘sitcom’. Hopefully soon we will see him again in front of the cameras.