Ridsa, Vin’s: the first night of rap in Pamiers promises to be explosive

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On January 22, the town hall of Pamiers is organizing the first rap night at Jeu-du-Mail. After the local artist Jam’s, Vin’s and Ridsa will come to pour out their flow in front of an audience which is hoped for many. And young.

“Save the date”, now say the young people. On Saturday January 22, the town hall of Pamiers is organizing its very first rap night. With headlining, Ridsa, the singer with 500 million views who has collaborated with Latino, Kenza Farah, Angèle, Flavie, Axel Tony or even Demhys. Very quickly, the Orléanais is noticed on the networks and in the hyper select world of EPs. But it was in 2015 that he exploded in the eyes of the general public with the title “Là, c’est die” which rose to sixth rank on the top single.

The following year, Ridsa bowed to Amir, in the “Francophone Revelation of the Year” category at the NRJ Music awards. However, the song “Puerto Rico” also enters the charts and the video released at the end of October 2016, has passed the milestone of 10 million views. In 2018, we find him alongside Jok’Air, another rising star of his generation, on the Petit Tou stage in Toulouse. If he can pour out his “flow” alongside the most “edgy” rappers, the young man also appears as a “lover” who appeals to the fairer sex just as much.

Jam’s, the rapper from Pamiers who made his MJC debut

“He’s a real modern-day rapper. But his style is more festive, more R’N’B to end the evening as it should, ”slips Sébastien Gonzalez, director of cultural affairs (DAC). But before this apotheosis, two artists will heat the scene of the Jeu-du-Mail to white. Beginning of hostilities with Jam’s, an Appamanian well known on the side of the MJC where he made his first ranges. We met him in February for the release of “Feat room”, his latest EP. Bottle-fed with a lot of support from Akhenaton, Don Choa and Joey Starr, this young father recalls life stories in which everyone can identify. For him, rap was a remedy for the emm … Because the lessons at the Lycée des Jacobins, it was obviously not for him. Which in no way detracts from his love of words.

Another point in common that he shares with Vin’s who will succeed him on stage. Fan of Psy 4 of rhyme, Keny Arkana or Diam’s, he knows what “old-fashioned” rap is. “It is the artist who is rising at the moment. His lyrics are engaged, his freestyle is punchy. He explains revolt against the school grinding machine but his rap is positive. Without being in the spirit of angelism. In fact, he is the spokesperson for a lost youth who still wants to believe in it, ”notes Sébastien Gonzalez. In its title baptized “Equality”, Vin’s evokes the social pyramid by simultaneously inviting IAM – “We do not all learn at the same school, we do not all grow up under the same star” – and Coluche.

“We are still in this logic of conquering all audiences. The idea is to make sure to attract a part of the population who has never, or very little, frequented the Jeu-du-Mail in order to retain them, continues the DAC. With the night of rap, we are proving that we can at the same time bring big names to Pamiers, while leaving an important part to local artists. “

Prices: € 14 or € 7 reduced. The ticket office will be open on December 1, but it is already possible to reserve a seat on 05 61 67 52 52.

Young people, a bet on the future

For the past year, the cultural affairs department has set itself an objective: to offer a program in which everyone can find their way. After Bonnie Tyler and Julien Clerc, it took a bit for the youngest. Booder rose to the challenge brilliantly by literally “squatting” the Jeu-du-mail scene, three nights in a row. But the maneuver is not without ulterior motives. “Our goal is for young people to become actors in cultural life. That they ‘snap’, that they exchange on Instagram on the Pamiers programming in order to create a positive emulation. Let them understand that this room is theirs. This will make it easier for them to offer shows that are also linked to the school program, ”notes Sébastien Gonzalez.