Riot Games suffers a computer attack and paralyzes the great news that were about to reach its video games – League of Legends

When things don’t go well, it seems that all misfortunes come together. That is what is happening to Riot Gamesthat after appeasing a crisis with the players of League of Legends You have encountered a new problem. This time little responsibility is assumed for the company, which has suffered a computer attack at the beginning of the week which has just been made public. “This week, the systems of our development environment were compromised through a social engineering attack,” they explained from the company’s official profile on social networks.

An attack that will paralyze Riot Games

A social engineering attack is a form of ‘hacking’ that depends mostly on human error. For example, what is known as ‘phishing’. One of the most used tricks in this method consists of replicating web pages, logos or emails from official sources so that users share data without realizing who they are really giving it to. This is a major flaw, but the good news is that players’ personal data does not appear to have been compromised. In the words of Riot Games: “There are no indications that player data or personal information was obtained“.

Despite this fortunate situation –because the consequences could be much worse– the attack will not be innocuous for the company. “Unfortunately, this has affected our ability to release content. Although we are working on fixing it, we expect this to impact multiple game updates“. In this sense, the company’s main multiplayer titles could be affected. Bad news for fans of TFT, Valorant or League of Legends. Particularly for the latter, who were expecting far-reaching news such as the Ahri visual rework.

The developers have promised to introduce as many fixes as possible via ’emergency updates’, but the next version will not arrive with the expected volume of content to any of the games. Riot Games has promised to provide more details in this regard over the next few days.