Ritmo Fatale au Bikini: the Italian sound made in Toulouse

the essential
Derived from the Italo-disco in vogue in the 1980s, the Italo body music offered by the Toulouse label Ritmo Fatale hybridizes styles. To discover Friday evening at the Bikini.

To believe that even the history of music is only an eternal restart! Think, the italo-disco which made the heyday of nightclubs from the end of the 1970s with its catchy melodies, more electro than classic disco, finds a youthful look thanks to the action of two passionate Toulousains . For 3 years, Kendal Mulla, DJ and producer fan of the style, and Paul Guglielmi, party producer and inventor of musical labels have been working for the common (dance) good: “We have in common this passion for all these sounds which are accompanied of all the influences 1980-1990 explains Paul Guglielmi. Our initial idea, 3 years ago, was to set up a residency in Toulouse by inviting artists from this current, from here and elsewhere in the world.” But the Covid has broken the momentum of parties and dance floors. But the Internet miracle has brought together musicians and hackers of all kinds: “Producer friends sent us songs, which gave us the idea of ​​creating a label, Ritmo Fatale. And from the first release, the enthusiasm was at the rendezvous, which surprised us ourselves! Paris and Berlin responded very quickly, and currently, these are the two cities where we are followed the most after 3 years of activity. But it goes beyond that too , in Europe, Belgium, the Netherlands and further afield in Brazil and North America.”

Nostalgia and euphoria

Euphoria, nostalgia are obviously the driving forces behind this unexpected success: “It’s quite light as music, super accessible continues Paul, we are giving a 2020 version of it, that is to say a hybrid version, more current, more pop , more club. The rhythm is very quickly very catchy and the people who come Friday evening to the Bikini will notice it as much as on stage we will find Jennifer Cardini who is an essential artist of the French club culture, very committed to the cause LGBT, with a very strong aura. It was obvious to invite her because she has not played here in a club since 2014. There will also be Belaria, Parisian artist, and the Toulousain Austher. In the end all the generations are represented with Kendal performing live for the first time in Toulouse.” And when you know that the latter has presented his set only twice, including once during an evening of the world institution that is the Berghain in Berlin, you can imagine that the night will be lively…

Friday January 20 at 11:55 p.m. at the Bikini (rue Théodore-Monod), Ramonville. Prices: €14.50 and €15. Such. 05 62 24 09 50 (www.lebikini.com).
To listen to the house productions: ritmofatale.bandcamp.com