Rock legends and poetry: our selection of releases for the week

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Every week, La Dépêche du Midi brings you its selection of unmissable outings and shows for the Tarn. Concerts, exhibitions, festivals… Good plans to consume without moderation.

Mazamet. The treasure of Cape Verde at Espace Apollo.

Coming from a family of musicians from Cape Verde, Tcheka was born an instrument in his hands. A virtuoso singer and guitarist, he quickly developed a singular style on the guitar, a mixture of Cape Verdean harmonies inspired by the traditional Batuque, arpeggios and percussion on the instrument. An artist with a sensitive and melancholy universe, the warmth of his music has conquered international critics. Since 2005, Tcheka travels the stages of the whole world and collaborates with many artists who come to mix his music.

Tcheka will be on stage at the Espace Apollo on Sunday March 5, accompanied by pianist Etienne Manchon who tints his repertoire with contemporary sounds. First date of a Tarn tour organized by the National Scene of Albi-Tarn, Tcheka will travel the department until March 16th.

Info: 5 p.m. Espace Apollo – Place du Maréchal Leclerc, Mazamet.05 63 97 53 53

Lautrec. A reggae weekend at Café Plùm.

This weekend, Café Plùm is getting into reggae. Two evenings, various artists, colorful universes and above all good vibes on the program for this “Reggae Weekend”. On Friday March 3, the local association Occi’tarn Familha will arrive in the Lautrécois café, accompanied by its surprise guests. Renowned for making bodies and hearts vibrate with its artisanal sound systems, the Occi’tarn Familha broadcasts reggae with passion, in a warm and family atmosphere. Saturday March 4, The Branlarians will come to share their music with early reggae, 60’s ska, rocksteady sounds, seasoned rock’n’roll. An astonishing blend of influences, to which they give the name of “rough reggae rock”.

Info: de Lengouzy – Lautrec.05 63 70 83 30

Mazamet. A festival in homage to rock giants.

A real time machine, “Giant of Rock” features national and international Tribute Bands paying homage to legendary groups from the golden age of rock. Saturday March 4, Killers Queen, SXNI and Back to The Police will slip into the skin of their idols to bring us back to the legendary concerts.

These three big names, renowned for their loyalty to the original groups, will ignite the stage of the Palais des Congrès for five hours of a supercharged show.
A return awaited by the Mazametan public after a three-year hiatus.

Info: “Giants of rock” Facebook page
ticket office online or on site. Rue Jean Assémat – Mazamet.

Albi. “Berlin Berlin”, crazy comedy at the Grand Théâtre;

The scene is set: East Berlin, in the middle of the Cold War. A young couple, Emma and Ludwig, want to flee to the West. Emma is then hired as a nurse’s aide at Werner Hofmann’s on the pretext of taking care of her senile old mother. In reality, this apartment has a secret passage that leads to the other side of the Wall. A situation already thorny enough, complicated by a Stasi agent Werner, whose apartment is a nest of spies, and who falls madly in love with Emma. From misunderstandings to burlesque reversals, “Berlin Berlin” is a colorful comedy to savor on Saturday March 3 on the stage of the Grand Théâtre.

Info: National Stage of Albi-Tarn.Place of Friendship between Peoples – Albi.05 63 38 55 56

Gaillac, starting point for a world tour in verse.

Annual meeting of poets, the festival “Whisper to me your poetry” will extend throughout the city from March 1 to 25.

An original configuration, which aims to make poetic art accessible to all eyes

An original configuration, which aims to make poetic art accessible to all eyes

Under the theme “Escapes in poetry”, this 8th edition invites you to meet poets from all over the world. Between poetry competitions, writing workshops, shows, concerts, performances and events: the original and very varied program places poetry at the crossroads of the arts and at the crossroads of the streets. Wednesday, March 1, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. will take place the opening of the festival throughout the city.

Info: Espace culture – 80 place d’Haupoul. 05 63 81 20 19.