Rodez. A platform for “Stray animals” by Luc Aussibal

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Luc Aussibal and his acolytes from the group Mai have just released the album “Animaux Errants”. Eight original titles only available in digital format.

We no longer present Luc Aussibal, this champion of visual arts and Occitan rock… or not. Since Thursday the sixty-year-old rocker and his band of musicians, follow by far the number of downloads recorded for their last album. Available only on digital platforms, the album titled “Stray Animals!” is the Occitan rocker’s fourth opus, the second recorded with his fellow musicians from the group Mai.

“A parenthesis closes”

Artists who were also at his side, in 2016, for the release of their previous album “Luc Aussibal e Mai”.

But if 2016 and the following years had been conducive to the organization of many concerts. A beautiful series which was to end in 2020 with a final on the main stage of the Estivada. “It would have been unforgettable for us”, explains the singer. Bad luck, the pandemic got the better of the Occitan festival and its artists.

The pandemic which never ceases to make waves has somewhat alienated Luc Aussibal from the other members of the group.

“During the confinement everyone continued to go about their business, other projects arrived, that’s life”, Luc Aussibal calmly analyzes. Also with his friends from Fiasco production, the decision was made not to release records and to focus on digital platforms. “Who says album printing says concerts, translates Luc Aussibal. However, the group is more or less dormant and it seems to me that with this album the group is closing a parenthesis “, confesses the artist.

Printing and concert

But, like his acolytes, Luc Aussibal on the scene and friendship pegged to the body. So, if this 8-track album, including a live recorded at the Deux Points theater of the MJC in Rodez, meets its audience, then perhaps it will be printed.

And as Luc Aussibal so rightly stated above: “Who says impression says concerts!”