Rodez. Filmmaker Guy Cavagnac has died

End claps aren’t life’s best. But the latter, as if to close a book in which cinema is obvious, intends to greet the filmmaker, writer and producer Guy Cavagnac as it should be. Born in Paris in September 1934, he had this piece of Rouergue inherited from his parents, distinguished by the western tip of the Aveyron between Salle-Courbatiers-Peyrusse-le-Roc and Villefranche, pegged in him until the end of a language posed to measured words where Occitan could explode as if to underline the strength of Rouquier’s Farrebic or the desire to see his friend Patric chisel the texts and melodies of an opus around the stones of the castles of the Lot valley.

On this first Friday of January 2022, he left for these “green pastures” that his wife Katja had danced to a production by Jean-Christophe Averty. Occitanist of the universal, Cavagnac carried the force of the image into which Jean Renoir had more than initiated him. First assistant to the director of “La Bête Humaine” and “Boudu sauvé des eaux”, he displayed the 7th art in the buttonhole as others unearth their “rosette”. Alongside Renoir, Cavagnac followed the designer of “the great illusion” in his final steps as a filmmaker in 1969, during the production of “Jean Renoir’s Little Theater”.

His friend and traveling companion Christian Bernad, president of the Entente Vallée du Lot who managed with him the “Rivers and Valley of France” collection at Privat speaks of this unfailing attachment to Renoir. “He told me everything and with passion about his experience with him”, he blurted out.

Green ahead of time

A man of good and commitment, a green man long before the time of René Dumont’s first booster shot in 1974, Guy Cavagnac signed with “Soldat Laforêt”, his only feature film. A film imbued with this earthly humanism where nature breathes in every rush. The actors blend into space. To review to savor incredible moments of true humanism.

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