Rodez. Jean-Henri Meunier on “express” shooting in town

the essential
The director of the film “Allo Najac here the Earth” came to shoot this Wednesday, November 10, some shots of his next film.

The weather was gray and the light delicate to pinpoint. It must be said that Jean-Henri Meunier is a director apart, self-taught, and works with the minimum of material: a camera, a microphone, a small team, a budget of three francs six sous… This did not prevent him from make “hard” more than 25 films in 45 years of career!

Adept of turned-edited, camera in hand or sometimes on a stand, he often turns around his house near Najac, and right to left in the south of France. This Wednesday, he came to Rodez to shoot some shots of his next film in progress, in the company of Flore Brouet, an actress from Toulouse, and DJ Mayday on sound. An express shooting for a long-term job, since the shooting began more than a year ago and is continuing little by little. “We have already shot about forty minutes, we are missing about as many”, he said.

The story has no title, but “Basically, it’s the story of a girl who dumped her boyfriend, and since then she has drifted off, she’s been sightseeing … As she adores Antonin Artaud, she absolutely wanted to go and sit at the table where he often sat down when he was in Rodez “, says “JH”. And here is the small team around the most famous table in the café le Broussy, shooting a few shots, before heading for the cathedral, just to loot a few trunks… for fakes of course. But too late for the timing, too late for the light, the small team will have to return this Thursday to complete their plans. To be continued then.

Remember that almost all of Jean-Henri Meunier’s films are freely available on the director’s Vimeo account.