Rodez. Rappers send the sound

the essential
Abess and Thao, two young musicians, have just released a rap EP (8 tracks). The Maltrack Music label follows them.

Thao and Abess sing about the concerns of their time. Excess of alcohol and drugs, compulsive shopping, excessive consumption in our society… They say they want to sing rap when they are Ruthenians. “Difficult to have visibility when you are not in Paris”, they claim.

Yet Abess and Thao did. They released an EP on November 12, “The Cap and the Hat”. This is the name of the album, but also their nickname.

Through hard work, the two young men (aged 21 and 30 respectively) have managed to find a place for themselves within the Toulouse label Maltrack music. “It’s difficult to rap in the countryside. But fortunately there is internet and collectives. Fortunately there are people like Cisco”, explain the two artists, for whom music is “a hobby. serious”. “We realize that we touch a lot of people with our songs. Our music echoes,” they say. The EP contains a track called “Bérézina” in collaboration with the Toulouse rapper duo Antes and Madzes, from Rodez.

The two young men work but their passion costs them a lot of money. This is why they have put online a Leetchi fund that is still active (

To go further: The clips on the ABESS channel: The Thao YouTube channel: Abess Instagram: www / abess_off / Thao’s Instagram: