“Rosy”: an initiatory journey in resilience, in theaters Wednesday

(AFP) – From New Zealand to Mongolia via Burma, “Rosy”, autobiographical documentary in theaters Wednesday, signed Marine Barnérias, suffering from multiple sclerosis, is an initiatory journey to the reconquest of oneself in the face to disease.

In 2017, the 27-year-old director, also host on France 3 Bretagne, recounted this personal adventure in resilience in a book, “The forbidden journey which gave meaning to my life” (Flammarion).

Two years earlier, she had learned of her illness, bluntly announced by a doctor following partial loss of vision. While a student, faced with the urgency of the situation, she decided to take the trip of her dreams “to regain (her) balance that multiple sclerosis is trying to upset”, she told AFP.

Three countries will be crossed in a few months: “New Zealand to rediscover my body, to feel it better to better defend it. Burma and Mongolia, to shake my mind through meditation, my best weapon against disease …” .

With this moving and hopeful film, punctuated by paradisiacal landscapes and unforgettable encounters, shot entirely on the iPhone and set to music by original compositions by Matthieu Chedid, Marine Barnérias wants to “give others a desire to fly away , because everything is possible even when things are not going well “.

“Faced with loopholes such as illness, divorce or quite simply unemployment, we all have a seed to cultivate in order to love ourselves and apprehend what we are afraid to tame. Let us not be afraid of things that are ugly in our lives. lives, “said the young director.

“When I learned that I was sick, with a body and a mind going into a spin, I felt the urge to be far away, to go and feel all this body which is evaporating “, she adds.

Six years after the diagnosis of this multiple sclerosis which she nicknames “Rosy”, Marine Barnérias is doing “well for the moment”: “life is made of paradoxes. With Rosy, we live together quite well. projections. A healthy person can be hit by a car tomorrow, “she says. “Let’s take whatever we have to take. Life is a gift, no matter what.”