RTVE’s secret weapon to win ‘Sálvame’ and ‘Amar es para siempre’

‘The promise’ has become the big surprise of the season for public television.

Love is forever He has been on Antena 3 for more than a decade. The daily series is one of the strong points in the afternoons of the main channel and a call for viewers. Spanish fiction has always had a clear competitor: Save me, which despite its drop in audience continues to be Telecinco’s bet. However, and to the surprises of many, RTVE has made a big commitment to unseat leadership of both: The promise.

La 1 de TVE has obtained in February the best audience result in three years. Thus, the public chain raises its head after the bad run of numbers it had. This increase has occurred thanks to the afternoons from Monday to Friday. The public network has found the perfect formula to engage viewers: The promise, The joker of La 1, The hunter and Here the land.

Yeah The hunter It has been one of TVE’s star formats for months, The promise It is postulated to be the daily series that public television had been looking for for a long time. Fiction continues to surpass its own audience records, on Thursday, March 2 itself, and Antena 3 begins to look at this increase trembling.

The promise recorded an 11% audience share and 1,042,000 viewers. “The consumption data for the episode also amounts to a 12% share and 1,168,000 followers by adding the deferred of the day. More than 1.7 million people (1,730,000) saw the chapter at some point, which recorded its minute most viewed at 4:30 p.m., with 1,152,000 viewers and an 11.5% share”, RTVE reported.

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These data consolidate the daily series that little by little has been gaining ground in the afternoons. However, Love is forever start to panic seeing how her competitor begins to step on her heels. Yesterday, the private channel’s series obtained an 11.1% audience share and 1,049,000 viewers. While, Save me it scored 11.4% with 1,137,000 viewers.

How will this tight audience competition end? Are we before the end of the reign of Love is forever? whatThe promise Will it continue to add viewers? Will these data be the definitive ones to say goodbye to Save me? Undoubtedly, TVE once again has its place in the audiences in the afternoon.

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