Saint Girons. An artist residency between contemporary music and visual arts

The work on the Couseran artistic identity, initiated by the SMAC Art’Cade since 2015, continues this year with the arrival of the bocage duo. In 2023, the project will focus on collaboration between the fields of contemporary music and still or moving images. Thus, the question of passages, links, bridges between traditional music and contemporary music, and more broadly between traditional arts and contemporary arts, will be the common thread generating interaction with the inhabitants of Couserans and/or with the ‘public space. In this perspective, the objective is to see how, in their respective specificities, these musics dialogue, feed each other, enrich each other and shape the cultural identity of Couserans.

This residence is the subject of a partnership between the DRAC Occitanie, the community of communes Couserans-Pyrénées and the Agency for the development of the cultural economy of Couserans.

A promising musical duo

Born as a trio in 2002, bocage has been performing since 2006 as a duo. Originally from Nantes, passed through Berlin and now based in Lozère, Claire Weidmann and Timothée Demoury play unique pop music. On texts sung mainly in French, the duo offers a colorful musical journey, a “revisited crazy pop”, and open to today’s music. The two artists like to mix genres, sounds and lead those who listen to him into his universe composed of pop songs, folk ballads, indie flights, where sampled or played rhythms rub shoulders with hip-hop, as with electro.

Without moorings, bocage wants to be current and without compromise. Author of an EP entitled “0.2”, two albums “Bon chemin & remixed” and “bocage”, as well as an original soundtrack “Music for Nanouk”, soundtrack of their cine-concert on the film “Nanouk l ‘eskimo’, directed by R. Flaherty, the duo toured throughout France, Belgium and Germany, between sweetness, emotion and power.

Today, bocage devotes itself to the creation of cine-concerts. After the one on the film “Nanouk the Eskimo”, the two musicians leave on a new creation on three Chinese short films from the Shanghai animation studios, entitled “Chinese Tales”.

This beginning of the year 2023 will therefore see the duo questioning the territory, its cultures and its inhabitants.

To discover the musical universe of Bocage: