Saint Girons. Roots and Wings highlights the territory

Wednesday, December 7, Carole Goessler will take viewers on a journey to Ariège. A motionless journey in front of his television set, to meet those who live intensely their Pyrenean territory. Strong stories, new ideas and challenges that intertwine in the heart of exceptional landscapes.

In particular that of Jean-Louis Savignol and his wife, who breed Mérens horses. A hardy species that appeared in the region 13,000 years ago. To allow their horses to spend the summer in freedom and rediscover their wild instincts, they leave each year for a spectacular transhumance of three days and 90 kilometers, sometimes dangerous, in the direction of the mountain pasture of Laspé.

As for Pauline Chaboussou, heritage curator, she is fighting to restore the most beautiful religious buildings in Couserans. In particular in Saint-Lizier, an astonishing village which is home to two Romanesque cathedrals. At Notre-Dame-de-la-Sède, where the “Ariège Sistine Chapel” is located, it will introduce viewers to long-hidden treasures.

Raphaël Kahn is a photographer. He created an original website to magnify the ambassadors of Ariège “good living”. Like Olivier Campardou, one of the best buckwheat producers in France. He is the only one to make sobas, delicious Japanese pasta made from buckwheat.

The cameras also followed Émilie Gusse, veterinarian, but above all an essential link in safeguarding breeding in Ariège. She counts neither her hours nor the kilometers to respond as quickly as possible to the anxieties of high-altitude breeders. Finally, after years of abandonment, the Château de Gudanes, the work of Jacques-Ange Gabriel, the architect of Louis XV, is reborn thanks to the passion of an Australian couple who bought it in 2013. photos on social networks, Karina Waters and her husband have managed to excite tens of thousands of “followers”. Since then, visitors from all over the world come to participate in its restoration during their stay.

Finally, we will discover during the program Aurélie Fleury. This traveling and committed grocer wants to have the work of Ariège women recognized. It sells, in particular, an exceptional natural honey, produced by Élise Blanchard and Lucie Hotier. These two women, who took the risk of changing their lives, rebuilt their 19th century farm on their own. A report not to be missed.