Saint Martory. Jane For Tea: A Musical Journey

“Our album is a travel diary” they summarize with simplicity. This attraction for the discovery of other lands, the two members of the group owe it in part to their family roots: Séverine has Malagasy and Polish origins, JP has Italian and Spanish origins. But the international dimension of their music also comes from their sources of inspiration: Charles Trenet, world music, the 80s, jazz, traditional songs are all ingredients that fuel the imagination of Séverine and JP. Over the course of twelve songs, listeners will be able to travel between the black lakes of Finland, the wild lands of Canada and the Asian sounds of the yangqin Chinese. For the two musicians, the title of the album Each second alone sums up the philosophy of this project. “All the messages present in the album are linked to time, which we all go through in a more or less pleasant way. The album reflects on our condition as human beings and therefore the interest of enjoying every moment. We also talk about the importance of reconnecting to the essentials.” And precisely, this reconnection with our deep nature is a recurring theme of the disc. These include titles Taima, I wake up Or Gibbon which describe the opposition between a dehumanized urban world and a natural world conducive to recharging one’s batteries. To evoke this theme, the duo was inspired by their personal experience. “Cities are extremely energy-intensive and tend to dehumanize people enormously. In the countryside, you can reconnect. We really felt this difference when we left Toulouse to settle here.” Proud of this attachment to Comminges, Jane For Tea produced this second album entirely in Salies-du-Salat. The photos on the cover were taken in the city’s thermal baths. Fans of the duo and the curious will have the opportunity to discover this new disc live during the next concerts which will take place on May 11 at the Chorus in Toulouse and on May 13 in L’Isle-en-Dodon. The most impatient can already immerse themselves in listening to Each secondavailable on streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer).