“Sales increased by 400%”: A detail in episode 6 of The Last of Us explodes the popularity of a menstrual hygiene product – The Last of Us: Part 1

Appearing for just a few seconds in one of the chapters of The Last of Us has been enough to increase sales of an American brand by 400%. At least that’s what They have assured the media of the North American country managers of the firm The Flex Company. This company is mainly focused on selling “sustainable period care products”. The increase would have been concentrated in the two days after the episode 1×06 of the series, in which the question of how to deal with menstruation in an apocalyptic scenario. Be careful because from here they come spoilers for that episode.

Menstruation, well represented in The Last of Us

In the chapter in question, Joel and Ellie arrive at the town of Jackson. An area with electricity, hot water and other benefits. There they take a shower and the protagonist receives a change of clothes and other belongings. Among them, a menstrual cup so you can deal with your period. A small question resolved for those who do not know how to deal with menstruation in a scenario like this. It makes a lot of sense, since these instruments are much more sustainable. They can be washed, are safe and have a useful life of up to 10 years.

Do not doubt that the tools related to hygiene during menstruation would be one of the first products to end in a situation like the one that takes place in The Last of Us. In this sense, the menstrual cup alternative (which actually has several commercial formats) would be one of the most interesting. In addition, this small representation could not be better carried out in the chapter. It lasts just enough, Bella Ramsey does it great and gives answer to a question that many fans had been asking for a long time about this type of series or movies.

Bella Ramsey The Last Of Us

Negative reviews for two chapters of The Last of Us

Two of the episodes of The Last of Us series in HBO Max have received a substantial amount of negative reviews. The third chapter, with bill and frank romanceis next to the seventh, with the relationship between Ellie and Reid, the worst rated in the series. Most episodes of the series hardly received low scores. Yet these two move on an amount between 15 and 22% minimum ratings on IMDBwhich invites to invite in that there is a reason other than the quality of the show for the evaluations.

Also in 3D Games: The Last of Us series has more controversies to live, and Bella Ramsey is clear about what will be the next.