Santiago Segura: “If Antonio (Resines) read this he would think I’m a bit of an asshole and he would laugh at me”

The filmmaker sends a message to fans through social networks to support the actor who continues to be admitted to the ICU for COVID

Director Santiago Segura has sent a message through his social networks for fans to support actor Antonio Resines who He is admitted to the ICU for covid despite having received the complete vaccination schedule.

In a message published on social networks, the director of To full train! (Destination Aturias) Y Father there is only one has assured that the health of his “friend Antonio Resines” is “delicate and he will be forced to spend New Year’s Eve there.”

Antonio Resines, admitted to the ICU for Covid, with a complete vaccination schedule

The director assures that working with him is “a pleasure” and he qualifies the interpreter as “one of the most nice, friendly, approachable, positive and generous people that I have come across in this profession “. And he adds that his way of being “goes beyond his characters and this makes people love him and appreciate him even without knowing him, because he transmits closeness and generates good vibes”.

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But also, Segura, who wants him to overcome this trance, makes a request to the 782,000 followers he has on Social Networks and who has achieved the like of more than 100,000 in just 20 hours:

I don’t know whether to ask you to pray for him (prayer is a powerful tool but only for believers), what I do want to ask of you, all of you who like Antonio, is that you think about him in a positive way for a little while, that you strongly want him to recover, and that mentally you send him a lot of energy and encouragement … somehow I feel that a wave of desires and energy is going to come to him that are going to become a healing force. (and the best thing is to think that if Antonio read this he would laugh at me and think I’m a bit of an asshole) “

Actor Antonio Resines, 67, has been stable since December 23 at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital. The actor, winner of a Goya Award for The good star (1997), is very aware of well-being and health, since a few years ago they detected colon cancer and angina pectoris during a surgical intervention.

Santiago Segura and Antonio Resines were working together on the new project of the director of Stream. On December 16, just a week before Resines fell ill, the production of the new film project of both began, Father there is only one 3, according to PR Noticias.

The actor had joined the extensive cast of the third installment of the comedy written and directed by Santiago Segura, in which it was planned to give life to the grandfather. The film, which will narrate a new episode in the life of the large family made up of Javier, Marisa and their six children, It is slated to hit theaters in the summer of 2022.

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