Sarah Goodman, creator of ‘I know what you did last summer’: “I promise blood, surprises and a satisfying ending”

We interview the architect of the modernization of the classic ‘slasher’. The first four episodes of the series premiere this Friday, October 15, with new episodes every week.

“I can promise blood. I can promise surprises. Mystery, tension, and a satisfying ending.”. Sarah Goodman is committed to all this with the long-awaited series I Know What You Did Last Summer that this Friday, October 15th opens in Amazon Prime Video as one of the most anticipated debuts on the platform. The title, as you will know if you have already heard about the project, is not a coincidence: Indeed, it is a television adaptation of the famous ‘slasher’ film from the late 90s that starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe and Freddie Prinze Jr. and whose success spawned a sequel a year later: I still know what you did last summer.

It has rained since Jim Gillespie introduced us to this group of recently graduated students who accidentally ran over a man and decided to hide the event in 1997, but both the I Know What You Did Last Summer original and its sequel are still a true icon of the 90s and is part of popular culture. The series creator, Sarah Goodman, also has special affection for her., which is no stranger to the process of adapting mythical and beloved pieces – she was one of those in charge of bringing to the screen Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon- and with which SensaCine has had the opportunity to speak about the premiere of the long-awaited new series.

“I really love the movie, so I wouldn’t want to make a remake that was a movie,” Goodman explains the reasons that led her to pitch her version as a multi-episode season. “The second reason is that I love television and I think doing eight episodes gives you the opportunity to tell a different kind of story., in which you can get fully involved with the characters and their own mysteries, as well as the mystery of who is chasing them. “

Doing a series gives you the opportunity to explore what they became after the accident, to see what effects it had on them and on their relationships. Things you don’t have time to explore in an hour and a half

Being Goodman herself a fan of the original film and Knowing the anticipation of the ‘remake’ -and modernization- of one of the famous horror franchise of the 90s, the creator of the new Amazon series assures that she had to put those thoughts aside when she got down to business. construction site with the adaptation: “Otherwise, it would be paralyzing. If you are worrying all the time while trying to create something about what everyone’s opinion is going to be or whether it is going to be disappointing, I think it would be impossible to do anything.” . “So I had to put all that aside and work together with the writing team on what I felt was the best and most interesting modern version,” he adds.

And is that the series I Know What You Did Last Summer from Amazon provides an absolutely renewed and modern version that shares the premise with the original tapeYes, but with characters belonging to Generation Z and with the entry into the scene of new technologies, the internet as a way of life and social networks. Some elements that fit perfectly with a story of bullying. “I always had and will always have great love and respect for the film, as well as the novel, but I know we are in a different time and I hope that those people who love the film give us a chance,” explains Goodman. “I have little treats for them scattered everywhere, but that’s it. It’s a different generation now, it’s their kids who will see it now, so we can hope they like it in a different way.”

The same story adapted to our days and for a new generation

Sarah Goodman is clear about her answer when she talks about the entry into the scene of these more modern elements in history: “It was a great challenge.”

You’re never going to feel safe if you have a phone, if you know someone can reach you. Someone can always know where you are

“Only the Find My Friends app is the perfect tool for a stalker, so I thought it was great for keeping the threat out of everyone. You never know when you will receive a message, you never know what will reach your phone “, he reflects. “And at the same time, I think we live in a time where, although in terms of social media where you think everyone is looking at you, you feel like you know someone and that you know everything they have done, that particular person. it has secrets that we are not seeing and that are more interesting. “

“There are a couple of aspects to the story above the rest,” says Goodman. “The first of them is that he asks himself questions: how do you live with yourself if you feel like you’ve made a terrible mistake? How do other people cope? That was very interesting to me. But it is also that He asks you what you would do or what you think you would do. “

According to Goodman, we all end up asking similar questions and are convinced that we know the answer, when, in fact, the truth is that we do not know. The creator also knows that, by posing a group of protagonists who have committed such a crime and who have hidden it to continue with their lives, the audience could feel rejection towards them, since they are far from being heroes. How can we not judge them if we count on us to have done it well? “I am aware that people might not like the characters. They have made bad decisions and are complicated characters.”

My hope is that these characters can be loved, that people feel identified with them and accompany them on this journey. There are many iconic antiheroes on television

On the other hand, we can promise you a crazy twist of the story in the first episode of I Know What You Did Last Summer. But you will have to see it to find out what it is about. Will be the next Friday, October 15, you can meet the new cast of characters consisting of Madison Iseman, Bill Heck, Brianne Tju, Ezekiel Goodman, Ashley Moore, Sebastian Amoruso, Fiona Rene, Cassie Beck and Brooke Bloom. With a premiere episode every Friday until the eight that make up the first season are completed. A delivery that will remain open, as Goodman warns, to continue exploring the story: “The first season has a satisfactory ending, but it opens to a season 2.”