“Sardou shut up”: Sandrine Rousseau responds to the singer who called her companion a “poor guy”

the essential
Invited on the set of BFMTV, this Wednesday, January 18, Michel Sardou reacted to certain remarks made by the elected ecologist. He notably described the companion of this one as “poor guy”. Sandrine Rousseau was quick to react.

Sandrine Rousseau was quick to make her response known. Invited on the BFMTV set this Wednesday, January 18, Michel Sardou did not spare the political class. And, as usual, the elected environmentalist took it for her rank. The singer of “Lakes of Connemara” was asked to react to the comments she made in 2021 where she claimed to “live with a deconstructed man” and to be “super happy”.

The septuagenarian, not very familiar with the concept, thus declared: “She deconstructed what, what does that mean?” Michel Sardou who admitted on the air that he did not do a lot of household chores, only “the kitchen”. Finally concluding after explanations: “I’m not deconstructed at all and I don’t want to be deconstructed. Sandrine Rousseau’s husband, poor thing, frankly, shouldn’t we take a walk to help this poor guy? solidarity fund to say ‘Poor boy what did you stumble upon?'”

Sandrine Rousseau, accustomed to this type of attack, took advantage of the demonstration against the pension reform to respond to the famous singer. The elected Parisian took a photo of herself under a sign where it was written: “Sardou shut up”.