‘Scandal, story of an obsession’: the reason for his mysterious disappearance from Mitele

The controversial Telecinco series broadcasts its second episode tonight.


Scandal, story of an obsession was the focus of controversy a week ago. Before its imminent premiere, social networks were on fire and its users accused the series of “apology for pedophilia and pedophilia.” Even so, the Telecinco series premiered last Wednesday, obtaining a quite acceptable result and good reception by viewers.

As usual with Telecinco series, Scandal was available in Mitele the day after the premiere. However, the platform where Mediaset posts all its content has not followed the same strategy as with other series that are broadcast on the private channel. Normally, all Telecinco series are posted with “unlimited” availability. A fact that on this occasion has not occurred.

To the surprise of many, the controversial Telecinco series was only available on Mitele the first 48 hours after the premiere. This can be detrimental to fiction, as it doesn’t give other viewers the chance to get hooked on fiction. And, as has been seen on other occasions with mothers. Love and lifeending up in the ‘late night’ of Cuatro.

‘Scandal, story of an obsession’: the real age of Fernando Lindez, the one in charge of interpreting Hugo in the controversial Telecinco series

There are many theories that have emerged regarding this mysterious disappearance, some have even pointed out that they want to hide it because it is so controversial. However, everything seems to indicate that there is another reason. As you can see in the credits, Scandal is a Telecinco production with Alea Media and Prime Video. For this reason, it is most likely that the reason why the series has disappeared from the Mitele catalog is the agreement established with the streaming platform.

Scandal, story of an obsession is made up of eight 70-minute episodes of duration. Its creator and executive producer is Aurora Guerra, responsible for other successful series such as The secret of Old Bridgeand the protagonists are Alexandra Jiménez and Fernando Lindez.

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