‘Scream’: We bring you up to date on the horror saga

This Friday, January 14, the new installment of the popular franchise hits theaters, in which directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (‘Wedding Night’) take over from Wes Craven.

Third weekend of the year and first big horror premiere of the season. This is Scream, the fifth installment in the saga created by Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson, which hits theaters on Friday, January 14. The film, which is once again played by the protagonists of the original film -Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette- which are joined by the young talents Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega and Dylan Minnette. Since the film hits theaters almost 11 years after the premiere of Scream 4 -which was Craven’s last film as director before he passed away- it is a good time to remember the keys to the franchise and its storyline throughout the years. years.

‘Scream. Watch who’s calling ‘: Wes Craven revitalizes the’ slasher ‘

In the early 1990s, a young student at the University of California, Los Angeles, who had written a script about young men who kidnapped their authoritarian teacher, saw a documentary about the murderer Danny Rolling. This viewing gave him the idea for his next libretto: Scream. Keep an eye on who’s calling. He was the guy who would become the big name for teenage psycho movies: Kevin Williamson. After a lot of working on it, he got Dimension Films – a company that belonged to the Weinstein brothers – to decide to produce the film. To direct it, he would be in charge, nothing more and nothing less, than one of the great names in the genre: Wes Craven, which was coming off a little bump with A Vampire on the Loose in Brooklyn. The director, who initially saw Williamson’s work unworkable, had to work hand in hand with his screenwriter to bring the project to fruition.

In 1996 this film was released, which It would mean a twist on the ‘slasher’, it would become a box office success, it would launch its young screenwriter to stardom and would put its director back in an important position. Scream. Watch who calls tells the story of a group of students from the fictional city of Woodsboro who are victims of a masked serial killer (whose clothing would become an icon of horror movies), who begins to end their lives. Everything seems to revolve around the figure of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), who lost her mother in the past in a crime that seems to be solved. The young woman, finally, will discover that she is not a psychopath but two: her own boyfriend and one of her best friends (played by Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard), fans of horror movies and their so-called “rules”.

‘Scream 2’: A sequel at the height of the first installment

Scream. Watch who calls became a box office success, garnered a legion of fans throughout the world and was even parodied in comedy (Scary Movie), so It was clear that the Weinstein brothers were going to launch for a sequel, this time shot under his main label: Miramax. Your screenwriter, Kevin WilliamsonHe was already one of the most promising names in Hollywood and had signed another of the great horror film hits of the time: I know what you did last summer. Craven would also be at the helm of the direction, in addition to the main cast of the first installment.

In this way, in April 1998 Scream 2 would hit theaters, a film that is set two years after the events and that has one of the most powerful starts in the franchise when an African-American couple is murdered while attending the premiere of ‘Stab’: the film that adapts the macabre events that took place in the town of Woodsboro long ago. For this reason, Sidney Prescott once again becomes a media object, despite the fact that he moved to another place with the aim of turning the page of that nightmare. Little by little the murders begin to take place around the young woman, who also has to see how the man whom she believed to be the murderer of her mother (Cotton Weary, played by Liev Schreiber) is released. This time the psychopath has a curious pattern and that is that he kills people who have the same last name as those who died in Woodsboro. The murderer, on this occasion, turns out to be Mickey (played by Timothy Olyphant), a classmate of Sidney’s who wants them to blame the cinema for his terrible acts.

For many fans of the saga, Scream 2 is even above the original tape and managed to become one of those most popular sequels in history. As a curiosity, it should be noted that the film had a small role of another of the emerging stars of the genre of those years: Sarah Michelle Gellar, who had gained great popularity for her role in the series Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and for being part of the cast of the successful I Know What You Did Last Summer.

‘Scream 3’: No two without three

Thanks to Scream. Watch who calls and its sequel, the ‘slasher’ had become the majority trend – and that generated the most benefits – within the horror genre. A multitude of products cut by similar patterns such as Cherry Falls or A Valentine’s Day of death reached the cinemas, and even in Spain the model was copied with productions such as Tuno negro or The art of dying. For all this, the Weinsteins were not going to stop squeezing the goose that lays the golden eggs and they launched into the production of Scream 3. Kevin Williamson He was unavailable to return to his screenwriting duties due to his work on the Dawson Grows series and the films The Faculty and Halloween H20. He also directed his first film, adapting his first script: Kidnapping Miss Tingle. Ehren Kruger was called in whose script was mostly written on the fly, with pages generally completed the day they were to be filmed. To solve this problem we relied on the experience, again, of Wes Craven Behind the cameras.

The film, which was already beginning to suffer from the repetition of patterns of the saga, begins -of course- with a murder: that of the unjustly imprisoned Cotton Weary, at the hands of a new psychopath hidden behind the mask of ‘ghostface’. The plot is set in the context of the filming of ‘Stab 3’, the third film inspired by the Woodsboro crimes. For her part, Sidney who lives secluded in a small rural town to escape her past, while her friends Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) and her ex-partner former cop Dewey Riley (David Arquette) participate in the production of the film that is inspired by their own lives.

‘Scream’: Trailer, returning actors, winks and everything we know about the new installment of the saga

In the ‘twisted end’ of Scream 3 It is revealed to us that the murderer this time is the director of the film ‘Stab 3’: Roman Bridger, played by actor Scott Foley. The screenwriter Honor Kruger wanted to give a twisted turn of events when, in addition, the psychopath reveals that he is Sidney’s half-brother and was born at the time when their mother worked in Hollywood. A twist that did not quite convince the fans.

‘Scream 4’: Symptoms of the end of a worn saga

Although many ended the saga with Scream 3Bob and Harvey Weinstein seemed not to have had their last word. It was 2011 and the ‘slasher’ seemed to have gone out of style, and films such as 3D Bloody Valentine or Halloween II (the latter was not released in theaters in Spain) did not achieve the expected results at the box office. With these precedents, Wes Craven signed his cinematic will with Scream 4, which was supposed to be the closing of its most successful franchise (with the exception, of course, of A Nightmare on Elm Street). The veteran director was facing his last years of career in which he had made such irregular products as the bland Night Flight or the stupid Damned Souls.

Scream 4 It was a failure at the box office compared to its predecessors since it hardly reached 38 million dollars compared to 40 million in its budget. The film once again had Kevin Williamson as a screenwriter and, again, to Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox Y David Arquette as protagonists. In this installment, Sidney Prescott has become a successful novelist inspired by her terrifying experiences and is back in her hometown of Woodsboro promoting her latest work. She, Gale and Dewey (now sheriff) will have to face a new massacre among the young students of the town. On this occasion, the murderer uses the rules of the ‘remakes’ of the films to commit his crimes.

This time we again have two murderers hidden behind the mask, who hatch a terrible plan to terrorize Sidney: a young student named Charlie Walker (played by Rory Culkin) and the protagonist’s own deranged cousin, Jill Roberts ( played by Emma Roberts).

A television series for MTV -and Netflix- and the fifth installment

In 2015, the production company Dimension wanted to give the franchise a twist and decided to produce the Scream series for the MTV network and the Netflix streaming platform. Without the characters from the film saga, the series tells us how a cyberbullying incident ends in a brutal murder. The shocking violence sparks memories of the murder spree from the past that seems to have inspired a new psychopath. Now, a new group of teenagers become suspects, targets and victims of a bloodthirsty criminal..

The series created by Jaime Paglia, Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie has three seasons and can be found in the Netflix original series catalog. The last season premiered in 2019 and was a reboot of fiction with new characters and actors.

After the scandal and the fall of The Weinstein Company, Paramount Pictures seized the rights to the franchise to launch a new installment. In this way, it now hits theaters Scream: a fifth installment of the saga (and not a ‘reboot’ as it was originally considered) with the return of the actors Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox Y David Arquette in their respective roles. On this occasion, the directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (also known as Radio Silence) have taken over from the deceased. Wes Craven Behind the cameras.