Season 2 of ‘La Reina del Flow’ has a date on Netflix Spain: trailer, plot and other details of the expected premiere

The new installment of the Colombian telenovela lands this November on the streaming platform.

It has been a few months since the season 2 of The Queen of Flow swept Colombia, but Netflix, owner of the distribution rights to Caracol Television’s telenovela, has already announced its premiere date in Spain: As you can see for yourself between the carousel of upcoming releases of the streaming platform and in bringing directly into the series itself, the successful fiction starring Carolina Ramírez, Maria Jose Vargas and Carlos Torres will debut in our country next November 17.

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Since the first season was a real success among the platform’s subscribers who enjoy this type of format, La Reina del Flow fans have eagerly awaited the premiere of the second installment of the telenovela. However, although the new episodes could be seen in Colombia in the spring, their international distribution has had to wait, as planned from the beginning, for their broadcast to end on its original channel.

You can take note below all the details of the second season of The Queen of Flow.

When it is released, trailer and number of episodes

The second season of La reina del flow arrives on Netflix on November 17, seven months after its premiere on its original network and two months after its outcome.

You can see the official trailer on these lines, at the beginning of this news, while the number of episodes is 90, eight more than the first installment.

How did the first season of ‘La Reina del Flow’ end?

Maybe you have it a little forgotten, so let’s do a brief review of the first season of the Colombian telenovela.

As you will remember, the starting point of the story was simple: a singer named Yeimy Montoya (played at different stages of her life by María José Vargas and Carolina Rodríguez) loses her family and ends up in jail after her lover and friend betrayed her. During the time that he condemns, Charly has also managed to get hold of his songs and take advantage of their success, passing them off as his own, and now he enjoys great fame. With the aim of revenge for the betrayal, Yeimy reaches an agreement with the DEA to end his former lover and all those who destroyed his life.

After nothing more and nothing less than 82 episodes, the end of the first season of The Queen of Flow I left things at a very different point: Charly has lost everything, so he kidnapped Yeimy, but with the police on his heels. Finally, when his ex has already been caught, Yeimy was about to kill him, but his son and his new love, Juancho, made him see that it was not worth it, but to turn the page and move on. Thus, once his family and happiness are recovered, the end of the first installment gave us the closest thing to a happy ending that now promises to turn season 2 upside down.

What is season 2 about?

As it has already been broadcast in Colombia, the Internet is abuzz with details about the second installment, but its summary, without ‘spoilers’, is that the new episodes take up the plot with a time jump in between. Two years have passed since Charlie Flow was arrested by the authorities and is still serving a sentence, although trying to get his freedom.

Meanwhile, although the life of Yeimy and his family was in a good place in the past, the present and his future come loaded with new problems and some other villains to face. In fact, this was the official synopsis released by Caracol TV:

An effervescent story, with a high dose of adrenaline, romance and musical flow, following the line that led its first season to become a worldwide milestone.

In this new installment, the artist faces “new dangers that threaten her life”, with the appearance of an old acquaintance and with the presence of Charly in the shadows … Willing to make a move through her allies and end her in one go. once and for all.

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