Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’ arrives with answers and to reveal the truth behind some of its big questions

The team is making sure they don’t have a ‘Lost’ ending, promises David Harbor.

The season 4 of Stranger Things it is one of the most anticipated releases of 2022 And, although there is still no official date for its debut on Netflix, every time we know more details about the new episodes of the most acclaimed science fiction series on the streaming platform. It is not surprising that the popular title has its moment of prominence in any self-respecting series event and this has happened again at the New York Comic-Con held this weekend on the other side of the pond. There, the most charismatic member of the cast, David Harbor, has advanced new details and has made an important promise so that the followers of the series can breathe easy: The team of Stranger Things he is well aware of the questions that he has opened during his first three installments and is determined to answer each and every one of them. And it will start to do so in the fourth season that we look forward to so much.

“What we are trying to do while we elaborate this is to go back and make sure that we do not have an ending like, something that some of us have gone through, that series called Lost. What happened to the polar bear?”, Harbor commented amused before him event audience.

We are trying to get closer, so [ciertos elementos de la historia] begin to reach a critical point and become a complete piece

The person in charge of interpreting Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper has made reference to the ‘teaser’ of the fourth season of Stranger Things that Netflix has revealed to date: on the one hand, the one that revealed the survival of his character after, apparently, having died in the explosion of the commercial centerl; but also in which Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) is part of the demons of the past that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) faces.

“There are all these plots … One of them is me Russia”, began by explaining Harbor before citing The Great Escape and Alien 3 as the great inspirations for the story of his character, which he describes as “Hopper trying to go home with his family “and also as” incredible “when remembering that” there is a demogorgon in the prison “.

I think my plot is the best. And you’re also going to see a lot more layers of Eleven, Brenner and the institution, and what happened and has to happen in relation to this part of the plot that returns. And then there is the Creel House, which is the new element of the situation in Hawkins, with which of course everything is related.

And is that We must not lose sight of Casa Creel, where we will meet a man named Victor Creel who, played by the mythical Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street Robert Englund, promises to make our hair absolutely stand on end. In season 4 of Stranger Things We will meet Victor as a patient in a psychiatric institution after, as suggested by the ‘teaser’ released during the Netflix fan event TUDUM, having murdered his family years before. It seems his mansion is connected to the Upside Down World, but we’ll have to wait for answers.

Unpublished preview of ‘Stranger Things 4’: we present you Casa Creel, the haunting setting of the new episodes

Also, season 4 of Stranger Things will greatly expand the universe in which the previous seasons have developed, since, in addition to Russia, we will also have to visit the new home for the Byers.

“Season 4 is the deepest we have ahead”, Harbor added, also anticipating that the famous boxes that his character kept in the attic will come into play again.

We really began to unveil these truths of which before we had only advanced clues

Finally, the actor also promises action, action and more action … “At a level that until now we have not done.”

In short, there are reasons to look forward to it, but Netflix has yet to announce an official release date in 2022.