Seeing Spielberg directing a Harry Potter movie is today an impossible dream that almost came true in its day, what prevented it?

With Hogwarts Legacy making it clear that the Harry Potter phenomenon is far from being forgotten, at Espinof they have taken the opportunity to look back and remember how the jump to the big screen of JK Rowling’s novels was about to be directed by a true celluloid legend, Steven Spielberg.

What happened? The filmmaker of Jurassic Park and Jaws (and many other enduring works of the seventh art) has not shied away from the question over the years, making it clear how the idea of ​​sure success did not excite him.

“I really think as I get older I have a responsibility to tell stories that are a little more authentic. I purposely didn’t do the Harry Potter movie because it was like shooting ducks in a barrel to me. It’s a target shot. It’s like taking out a billion dollars and depositing it into your personal bank accounts.. There’s no challenge in that.”

These statements were collected by The Guardian in 2001, and for the avoidance of doubt, a few years later he dropped similar words again:

“I just felt like I wasn’t ready to make a movie just for kids and my kids thought I was crazy.. And the books were already popular at the time, so when I left her, I knew she was going to be a phenomenon. But, you know I don’t make movies because they’re going to be phenomenal. I make movies because they have to touch me in a way that really commits me to a year, two years, three years of work.”

As Espinof’s colleagues remember, there was also a lot of talk at the time about the director’s interest in getting out of the plan to adapt one book per film in live action and search for an animation project. Such an idea was supported by Alan Horn, president of Warner Bros. during those golden years of the study, thus revealing creative differences then.

Hogwarts Legacy, triumphing on Twitch despite the “boycott”

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