Serge Guirao: a star of Toulouse song has passed away

the essential
Author of some successes such as “Fascination” or “Maria” in the 80s and then a stakeholder in “Dark Night”, Serge Guirao is dead.

The world of Toulouse song is in mourning. Serge Guirao passed away after a twenty-year struggle against multiple sclerosis. Born under the Moroccan sun, it was under that of Toulouse, where he arrived at the age of 12, that Serge built his career as a singer and songwriter, after solid studies at the Toulouse Conservatory. In the mid-1980s, her velvet voice, warm and deep, made hearts beat faster with hits like “Fascination”, “Maria”, “Devine” or “Cobra fight”. In 1993, he created the “Dark Night” illuminated by the wonderful vocal trio that he completed with Vicente Pradal and Rubén Velázquez. This “Dark Night”, they will sing it on the biggest stages of the world: “Serge, it is a meeting of 50 years, remembers the tenor Rubén Velázquez, his voice knotted with emotion. We were very friends – I am not ashamed to use the word “love”… I am immensely sad this morning… but also relieved, because Serge has stopped suffering… Many memories come back to me, of course: thus, when he went to sing in Madrid – he worked with Miguel Bosé – he went to sleep… with my grandmother! These two “brothers from exile” sang in a duet from Cuba to Morocco and few realize the success that Serge was meeting all over the world.

“A breathtaking talent”

“The biggest houses, from CBS to Warner and EMI gave him gold bridges,” his friend recalls. He is an artist who has had a much more important career than some stars… but without selling their millions of records. We were not born where it should be, he often said to me. He was protected by his family of artists and we will pay him a real tribute, at the height of his talent, which was breathtaking, because he largely deserves his place in the Toulouse Pantheon… “