Seven movie download by the website Tamilrockers

Seven movie download by the website Tamilrockers

A woman comes to a police officer as if her husband is missing. Police begin searching for the man who tricked the two women into saying that a woman had already come up with the same story. A woman comes in third with the same story. Someone over the age of 50 says he’s been his friend and has died.

Seven has translated the hit Telugu film of the same name into Tamil. They have dubbed it as it is without any changes to suit Tamil.

The film is a thriller journey between seven main characters. A beautiful knot of what is true so that one can have many stories of the same kind. Amazing realistic acting and verses pull the film back while expecting the screenplay to travel smoothly as it surprises.

The story of having to move smoothly stumbles and stumbles. The only consolation is Raghuman. His acting does one with the film. They build suspense and carry it without breaking it to the end.

actors: The film also stars Raghavan, Regina Cassandra, Hawish, Nandita, and Aditi Arya in five other female roles. Man Hawish has done well in showing intimacy with Telugu face story heroines.

Publius did not soak his face in villainy. The amateurishness that is visible in everyone’s acting is a little irritating. Raghuman is awkward in the police character. His poses draw in the scenes.

Regina Cassandra is the most important character in this film. Coming in a flashback he is the one who weaves the full force of the film into the villainy in unexpected surprise. Excessive acting may have diminished in some scenes.