‘Sex Education’: Mr. Groff’s real-life children appear in the series (but denies that Adam is one of them)

Alistair Petrie has used his Instagram account to deny his relationship with Connor Swindells, but also to confirm that his children appear in season 3.

It would not be the first or the last time that we saw members of the same family sharing a screen in a series or film, but in the specific case of the actors of Sex Education Alistair Petrie and Connor Swindells It is not like this. As much as the physical resemblance is undeniable.

In the series they play Mr. Groff and his son Adam Groff, respectively, but British performers are not family in real life. This has been denied by one of them, Alistair Petrie, on his personal account on Instagram, attracted by the large number of comments from fans who also relate behind the cameras for his remarkable physical resemblance.

“Maybe the mystery was worth keeping from the question “are they really related in real life?” around our fictional relationship in Sex Education“Petrie begins accompanying his text with a photograph with the person in charge of interpreting his son in the series and a lot of compliments towards Connor Swindells.

The official version is that “No, we are not.” But … Is there a relationship? Actually, in many ways, yeah

“This incredible and talented young man appeared in my life in 2018,” continued Petrie in a loving account of his partner. “I take great pride in the young man that he is, in who he is becoming, and in the limitless talent he possesses. Blood can be the determining factor in the headlines when it comes to dictating ‘kinships.’ In this case, it is not. It is. Relationship? Yes. Absolutely. “

Alistair Petrie’s children are in ‘Sex Education’

Curiously, Alistair Petrie’s real-life children do appear in Sex EducationAlthough they have nothing to do with Adam.

In fact, his role is really secondary, but it is still curious that their twin sons, Brodie and Cal Petrie, 18 years old, are part of the cast of the Netflix series in which he plays one of the key members of the adult cast.

Petrie himself has shared a number of images on Instagram with his two children during the filming of season 3. In one of them, in fact, they appear dressed in the new Moordale uniform, although what there is no doubt is that he is deeply proud to be able to share a set with them.

Regarding the role of the twins in the series, the truth is that none of them play an important role, but it is common to see them appearing at some key moments, as is the case of the school bus trip to visit France that has so much weight in the new episodes.

Who’s coming back and who’s not in season 4 of ‘Sex Education’

Let’s not rule out seeing them get more prominence in the season 4 of Sex Education, which has already received the green light from Netflix and in which, for sure, we will continue to see Mr. Groff and Adam being a fundamental part.

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