‘Sex Education’: release date, the future of Moordale, Otis and Maeve and everything we know about season 4

The third installment in the series starring Asa Butterfiel and Emma MacKey is available in full on Netflix starting this weekend.

The season 3 of Sex Education It is the big premiere of Netflix this weekend, so we have no doubt that lovers of the British series of the streaming platform will have put on their boots with a good binge of episodes. It is not for less, since it is impossible not to get hooked on the arrival of a new director in Moordale, Hope (Jemima Kirke), who has turned everything upside down, at the Maeve and Otis reconciliation and the rest of dynamics of some students who are increasingly mature and they are completely devoted to their self-discovery.

If you have already seen the third installment in full, you will already know that the last episode has no end flavor, but lays the foundation for a necessary future that we are looking forward to exploring. Nevertheless, Netflix has not yet confirmed the renewal for a fourth season. Can we count on her, however? It seems quite safe, since the plots remain open and the good reception is guaranteed on the platform.

Here is a brief summary of what we can expect from season 4 of Sex Education if it is finally a reality and Netflix.

Release date of ‘Sex Education’ season 4

It is not surprising that season 3 of the series has been waiting a little bit with the coronavirus crisis having paralyzed the industry for months, but still, Sex Education It has followed a very favorable line with the premiere of one season per year since its debut in 2019.

Thus, although there is no official renewal in between, we can expect that Netflix will order new episodes in about a month -time that the platform usually takes to confirm the future of its series- and that there will be a new installment of Sex Education in the last quarter of 2022 .

Moordale closure?

Hope’s presence has caused many blisters among the students in season 3, where most of them have had to face too strict rules and, worse, backward behaviors that went against their rights. Hope has tried to eliminate sex from their lives, but fortunately, the protagonists have already had two full seasons of personal and sexual self-discovery and had tools to stand up to it.

Unfortunately, the student revolt against Hope has put Moordale in a difficult situation and the institute is facing closure. The future is uncertain, so this will be one of the issues that the fourth season has to deal with if there is one.

Otis y Maeve. Maeve y Otis.

Look how these two have turned to recognize that they liked each other a lot and find themselves in the right place to give their thing a chance. In season 3 of the series we finally saw Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve (Emma Mackey) giving each other the long-awaited kiss that should have been given a long time ago, but hers became complicated again when she obtained the scholarship to study in the United States that so much wanted.

A stone in the way that represents a great opportunity for Maeve, but that complicates the future of her relationship with Otis. Meanwhile, Asa Butterfield and Mimi Keene have not hesitated to anticipate that they would be delighted to continue exploring the relationship between Otis and Ruby. What will happen?

A new chance for Eric and Rahim?

The relationship between Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) and Rahim (Sami Outalbal) did not end very well in season 2 and, although in season 3, Eric has been very focused on making his work work with Adam, the truth is that in the end it did not they have ended up together. The relationship has helped us get to know Adam better and grow the character, but after his breakup the doors have been left open for a potential opportunity between Eric and Rahim.

The Milburn-Nyman Family: What Do Paternity Tests Say?

Jane’s (Gillian Anderson) and Jakob’s daughter was born prematurely, but everything turned out fine. Except for a “small” detail: That the therapist seems to have discovered that Jakob is not the biological father of the girl. Undoubtedly one of the plots that promises to turn the fourth season quite upside down, if there is one, and the lives of the still under construction Milburn-Nyman family.

Who returns and who leaves?

Apart from Maeve, all the students seem to remain in Moordale, so in principle we can have the entire cast in the future season, unless there are changes related to the agendas of the actors. Also, we do not doubt the return of Emma MacKey, who still has unfinished business with Otis. On the other hand, it seems possible that Jemima Clarke will not return as Hope, after the problems of the new director of the institute, although it is not anything official either.

What is certain is that Moordale will also receive new faces in the new episodes. Will work begin on the generational change or to build the graduation and final outcome of the story?

Not yet confirmed by Netflix, the fourth installment still does not appear on the horizon of the streaming platform, but the eight episodes that make up the third are now available in full.