Shaun Murphy faces possible firing on ‘the Good Doctor’

The St. Bonaventure medical team is going to have to adapt to a totally different way of working.

The first episode of season 5 of The Good Doctor It brought a real surprise: the St. Bonaventure had been purchased by Salen Morrison (Rachel Bay Jones), who had posed as a hospital patient. This supposes a great series of changes for the medical team, which we will discover little by little. One of the main affected, as you can imagine, is Shaun (Freddie Highmore), who does not adapt easily to changes and now, suddenly, his routine has been blown up.

As we see in the preview of the new episode, the surgeon will develop anxiety problems after the arrival of his new boss, which adds to the organization of the wedding. It is a breeding ground that will get you in trouble when you decide to face Salen Morrison for having made many modifications without counting on anyone.. Moments of great tension are ahead that could make your continuation at St. Bonaventure hang by a thread.

Changes affect the rest of the medical team

Shaun is not the only one affected by the changes that the new management has introduced. Each of the doctors will take it to the best of their ability, based on their own personalities and aspirations. TVLine has been able to interview Bria Samoné Henderson (Dr. Jordan Allen) and Noah Galvin (Asher Wolke), who have talked about how the arrival of the new board will affect their characters.

For Henderson’s character, Salen’s arrival doesn’t have to be negative. “Jordan is an entrepreneur. She’s all innovation and she’s a tech savvy, so Jordan is ready to play before the new ideas that Salen brings. Jordan really likes novelty, speed … I think he definitely agrees, “says the actress.

As for his partner, the thought is totally the opposite, since his priority is freedom. “Their initial reaction to the acquisition and to Salen is not necessarily positive.” declares Galvin, “Asher comes from a world where he was taught to have a very specific set of ideals. So, anything that seems prohibitive to free thought – his desire to live his own life and have the highest possible agency of action. Anything that brings those questions into question, he will immediately doubt and mistrust. “

In the following chapters of the new installment of The Good Doctor We will know what other dynamics the new management entails. In addition to this, eyes are on the big wedding of the year. Shaun and Lea (Paige Spara) continue with the preparations – more she than him – and, although the day is approaching, anything can happen from now on. Everything in Shaun’s life is unpredictable.

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