Shaun’s unpredictable wedding and Claire’s absence: We review with Christina Chang the keys to season 5 of ‘The Good Doctor’

The fifth season of the medical drama starring Freddie Highmore is already on air in the United States. He arrives in Spain on October 5.

A new installment of The Good Doctor. The fifth season has already premiered in the United States and in Spain it will do so on October 5, when AXN kicks off. A batch of episodes of heart attack is coming, starring the imminent wedding of Shaun (Freddie Highmore) and Lea (Paige Spara). On SensaCine We had the opportunity to speak with Christina Chang, the actress who plays Dr. and Chief of Surgery Audrey Lim, and go over some of the most important points of what is to come.

The first question, how could it be otherwise, has to do with the wedding of the protagonists. What can we expect from the long-awaited link? The trailers suggest that Lea is going through a period of stress, while Shaun tries to calm her down. However, something is hidden. Chang did not want to reveal too much. “We know that they are preparing a wedding and that there is an engagement party. Like everything in Shaun’s life, he is unpredictable. Their love and relationship is obviously an important part of their life and it will also be an important part of the plot. But again, we don’t know in which episode the wedding will or will not be. I mean, they are definitely heading in that direction. But that’s all I know, “he declares.

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Season 5 of The Good Doctor It comes with big changes for the protagonists and a notable absence, that of Doctor Claire Brown, played by Antonia Thomas. The actress left production in the fourth installment and her departure is going to be remarkable, both on and off the screen. “She was an important character, but also a great actress. A very loved person in front of and behind the cameras. I understand that the audience is going to miss her because we all miss her “

This is how it should be. People change and their services were required elsewhere. He is in Guatemala right now and we are also moving forward. We have new characters that give the series new energy. That is exciting and offers new stories. Personally, I loved working with Antonia and we are good friends. I miss her but I saw her a few days ago

Guatemala changed everyone’s life. Dr. Lim returned with more than just good memories and experiences in her suitcase. On her return to the United States, she was accompanied by Mateo Rendon (Osvaldo Benavides), with whom she began a love relationship. “It’s interesting that Lim is in that situation again, right? The last time we saw her in that position, she chose her job over her relationship.. So it will be interesting to see how the relationship develops between them, “he says.

Beyond his relationship with Dr. Rendón, Lim has yet to heal old wounds. The post-traumatic stress disorder has not completely disappeared, but the doctor has done everything she could to turn the page. “The disorder has not gone away, but she has a break from that constant pain and pressure.. He has gotten the help he needed and has a little hope. The first episode is called ‘New Beginnings’ – ‘New beginnings’ in Spanish – and that’s the way it is for the characters, not just Lim, “says the actress.

The personal lives of the protagonists of The Good Doctor They will not stop transforming and their professional careers will be full of challenges. Chang has anticipated that a new batch of extraordinary cases is coming, as the medical drama has been doing since its inception. He acknowledges that some of the cases he has visited the series have moved him in real life. “In the first episode there is the case of the son and the mother, which I do not want to say much about. There are other cases that kept me alert while I was reading the script for episode one. We have just started shooting, but I am fascinated by some of the seasons past and one of those that had a major impact on the cast was the face transplant. It was fascinating and had a lot of impact. “

Season 5 of The Good Doctor it has already begun its broadcast in the United States. In Spain we can enjoy it from October 5 at 10 p.m. on AXN.

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