“She needs a rest”: Charlene of Monaco will not participate in the Monaco National Day

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Princess Charlene of Monaco “needs rest”, and will not be able to participate in Monaco’s National Day, according to a statement.

In a press release released on Tuesday, November 16, Prince Albert’s cabinet announces that Princess Charlene, who needs a “period of calm and rest, will not be able to participate in the Monegasque National Day festivities on November 19 , report BFMTV.

Charlene is currently “recovering”, in order to “recover from a general state of deep fatigue” in a place kept “confidential”. “During this transitional period, the princely couple asks that we respect their private life and their family environment,” said the press release. “Information on the recovery of the princess will be communicated in the coming weeks and before the Christmas holidays.”

After several months of absence, Princess Charlene of Monaco returned to the Rocher earlier this month. She had gone to South Africa where she had to undergo surgery.