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It has been very swiftly reported that all the films that were finalized before the lockdown are now being released on OTT. ‘ Silence ‘ is included in this category as well. It is scheduled to be released sometime in January however, it was delayed until April due to a coronavirus outbreak. A theatrical release as a whole was dismissed in favor of the one-time release over the internet.

The story

This movie takes place between the cities of Seattle and Sequim throughout the USA. The witness is a deaf, dumb girl, but also good at painting. On the other hand, Antony (Madhavan) is a popular celebrity musician. Having a love for each other, the pair depart on a fun-filled trip after the engagement.

During the trip, they will go to one of the old houses, which is called the Bunch of Monsters. In 1972, the couple was murdered in that same home, and now Antony is also murdered in this same house.

What surprises me is the fact that when the witness escapes, who did kill Antony, to begin with? Why didn’t she cooperate with the police? Who is the real killer? I can’t wait to see this movie.

Despite his lack of prior success in the field of filmmaking, director Hemant Madhukar wrote the story ‘Silence’ with a great deal of creativity. The film is unlikely to be a success due to the fact that Kona Venkat’s script does not fit this story flawlessly.

Maintaining the level of intrigue until the crux of a thriller movie, as each thread unravels. In relation to the kick, the last twenty minutes of the film fail to deliver much kick. Once the murderer of Antony is uncovered, the story that follows becomes all speculation. The final 20 minutes of the film do not deliver much kick.

However, the film continued to be enjoyable for about an hour and a half after that. From the very beginning of the film, the director created the concept of a horror movie. The massacre which took place 48 years ago is quite convincing as to how Anthony was murdered by the method of taking advantage of the closed house.

The twists that come in this order are sure to please the viewer. But if that isn’t true, revealing those twists seems to have brought some pieces together, because there doesn’t seem to be a flow.

What I would really like to say about ‘silence’ is that it has great architectural values. The visuals are very creative. In addition to this, the English cast is on par with the Telugu cast, giving the impression of watching an English and Telugu movie together. Therefore, the Hollywood look came with the film being screened throughout Seattle and Sequim.

Anushka is the most important member of the cast. Anushka did a superb job of portraying a deaf and dumb girl. We found that her persona was quite plump and she was very beautiful, but there was hardly any depth to her character. There is no great emphasis placed on acting.

There are no big emotions and neither big signs to show their emotions or make their bodies feel uncomfortable. Madhavan, Shalini Pandey, Subbaraju, Michael Madison, and everyone else did their best to deliver its message.

As a result, not a single character is going to have a meaningful impact. Usually, witnesses, Antony characters. Finally, the character of Hollywood actor Michael Madison is also not very impressive.

Technically speaking, the film is awesome. This was also indicated earlier. Channel Dio Camera’s performance is incredible, as well as the background score provided by Girish Gopalakrishnan, along with the cinematography and editing. Still, one must have an appropriate sound system in order to watch the film properly.

Otherwise, a good-quality headset should be used. Meanwhile, the songs provided by Gopi Sundar are also good. The song ‘Ninne Ninne’ sung by Sid Shriram, in particular, is very good. By reducing the length of the film to two hours, editor Praveen Pudi succeeded in doing his duty.