Silent Hill tried to make the leap to Action-RPG with one of the worst designed games in history: almost everything is wrong in Book of Memories – Silent Hill: Book of Memories

The followers of silent hill They have emerged, not long ago, from the cavern in which they had been buried for years. And it is not for less: after years of lethargy, the franchise will return in multiple ways: Bloomer TeamResponsable of The Medium, develops the Silent Hill 2 remake; NeoBards Entertainment is in charge of Silent Hill F, an all-new enigmatic experience set in Japan; and Christopher Gans, director of the brand’s first film, Direct to Return to Silent Hillthe new feature film from Konami’s horror universe.

However, I say that the followers of Silent Hill have come out of the cave because these last few years have not been, at all, hopeful for them. The last “sound” thing we had in our hands was Downpour, something totally far from the Silent Hill essence that practically did not satisfy anyone. But there was something worse: a video game PS Vita exclusive that has little or nothing to do with terror and that it was far from being a Silent Hill: a failure with all the letters, from S to L.

What was Book of Memories?

Silent Hill: Book of Memories was an experiment, to put it mildly, that WayForward Technologies developed for the console that -sadly- drove Sony away from the portable markets forever. Abandoned the terror they explored, in their own way, Origins Y Shattered Memories on PSP, and created a breeding ground for failure that actually materialized shortly after it came out.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

But what was Book of Memories about? The player began by creating his own character between a few simple and concise options. The premise was promising: the protagonist received a book called the Book of Memories in which all his memories were written. Innocently, he modifies a few before going to sleep. When he wakes up, everything is upside down; he is in a dungeon that is not where he slept and his objective is get out of there as i can

The approach does not start badly, but the execution is terrible. The title was completely removed from the Silent Hill experience: through a Isometric viewthe work focused almost entirely on the combat and actionabandoning the essence survival horror that characterized him. The objective was to find keys that open doors that lead to new paths to find more keys that open more doors that lead to… You know.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

The game was divided into zones; at the end of each zone there was a puzzle to solve with the clues that have been collected on the way to reach it. Afterwards, you brushed off the boss and moved on to the next ‘screen’, one that went increasing difficulty, with increasingly powerful enemies. Yes, there was a variety of weapons – even an armory run by the postman who delivers the book; a complete nonsense-, character improvement and small hints of exploration… But everything was diluted with a bland and very uncharismatic gameplay.

Book of Memories is probably the worst experience in the Silent Hill universe by far

In the game there were small glimmers of hope that encourage thinking about its unique character. For example, we found rooms in which “things happened”; They forced us to carry out certain actions within a narrow range of possibilities and opting for one or the other affected the game over -6 possible; not everything was so bad. But everything was in borage water when we could combine a gun with a knife or do it with a friend online. But wasn’t this Silent Hill?

Book of Memories may well be the worst experience in the Silent Hill universe by far. The decision to turn towards action can be understood – the saga resident Evil she was already immersed in those tasks-, but not in such a way simple, bland and boring. He had nothing to identify him to the Konami saga beyond the name. Since then, we haven’t seen anything related to Silent Hill. We’ll see if the new convinces something more, although, let’s be honest, the bar is pretty low.