SkyShowtime vs. Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max: we face the streaming platforms to see which one wins


Since February 28 there is a new partner in the playground of ‘streaming’. SkyShowtime has arrived in Spain with a fairly decent catalog and a very attractive launch offer. Paramount and Universal’s service arrives on somewhat crowded ground, but it does so at the best time: just when everyone is wondering what quota is worth keeping.

If this is your case, here we have prepared a table to help you see, at a glance, which is the streaming platform that best suits you. We compare the prices and devices of the newcomer with those of Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV+, Filmin, Atresplayer and Mitele.

Prime Video is the best quality-price option

Of all of them, the cheapest in terms of monthly fee are: FlixOlé (€3.99), Prime Video (€4.99), Mitele (€5) and Netflix (€5.49). If we talk about annual subscriptions, FlixOlé (€39.99), Mitele (€42), Prime Video (€49.9) and Atresplayer (€49.99) win. The conclusion seems clear: Prime Video is the great winner of the streaming platforms. It is one of the cheapest and the one that offers the best catalog compared to its price companions.

On the other side of the scale are Movistar+, costing €120 per month. Of course, in this case it also offers telephone rates and the option of watching Champions League or Europa League football matches. It’s another story. If we put it aside the most expensive are Netflix, Disney+ and Filmin. There are three services with a very good catalog and frequent releases. Is it worth paying a little more for quality content? This is where personal assessment comes in.


And another thing to keep in mind. Although Netflix has closed the faucet on shared accounts, there are many other platforms that also prohibit it. At least, that is what is included in the terms of use of SkyShowtime and AppleTV +. For their part, Disney+ and Prime Video do not fully specify it, while HBO Max limits guests to “direct relatives.”

The ‘streaming’ war has begun to take its toll on subscribers, who are beginning to show signs of fatigue. Faced with so many audiovisual options, a feeling of exhaustion and stress arises from not being able to keep up with all the weekly premieres. Another movement also arises: those who decide to go to their ball and not be aware of the latest pitches. These, without a doubt, will live more calmly.

In any case, what is clear is that there are now multiple streaming platforms with very good catalogs and affordable fees. It is up to the subscriber to decide which service best suits their needs.