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It’s Friday the 13th, like the movie, but it’s also cause for celebration because the weekend starts, although until then you can try to guess Wordle’s words of the day and its different variants. As usual we have prepared a guide with the advice, the clues and the solution of the words of January 13, 2023 of the Wordle in Spanish, the Wordle Tildes and the Wordle Científico.

Wordle – Master it with these tricks

How to play Wordle, Wordle Tildes and Wordle Scientist

If you are going to play any of these versions of Wordle you will need to do it from a computer or mobile device and then you will have to click on one of the following links:

In each of these versions you will have a maximum of six attempts to come up with the mystery words. When writing one, its letters will light up in one of these three colors: green if they are placed in the proper position, yellow if it is present elsewhere, and gray if it does not exist.

Likewise, in the Wordle Tildes you will have to place a vowel that goes with an accent and in the Scientific Wordle it is a word or name related to science. Here are the clues and solutions for January 13.

The 11 alternatives to Wordle to face a new challenge every day

Clues for the challenge #372 of the Wordle in Spanish on January 13

  • It is made up of two vowels.
  • It is made up of three consonants.
  • There is a repeated letter.
  • It’s about your vowel
  • The first letter is a consonant and the last letter is a vowel.
  • Between them there is a P and an L.
  • Most undone part of the very dry land.

Solution for the challenge #372 of the Wordle in Spanish on January 13

Clues for the #319 Wordle Tildes challenge on January 13

  • It is composed of two vowels.
  • It is composed of three consonants.
  • One of his letters is repeated.
  • It is one of its consonants.
  • It begins and ends in consonants.
  • Between them there is an E and an M.
  • The letter that carries the tilde is O.

Solution for the challenge #319 of the Wordle Tildes of January 13

Clues for the January 13 Scientific Wordle Challenge #306

  • Contains four vowels.
  • Contains three consonants.
  • It does not have any repeating letters.
  • The first and last letters are vowels.
  • Among all of them there is an M, an E and an I.
  • It is a unit of measure for the flow of electricity.

Solution for the challenge #306 of the Scientific Wordle of January 13

Unit of measurement of electricity flow.

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