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Wordle doesn’t even take a break on Saturdays to leave us new challenges to face, so it’s time to take a look at today’s Wordle words and the rest of its variants. In the following guide you can consult the advice, the clues and the solution of the words of February 11, 2023 Wordle in Spanish, Wordle Tildes and Wordle Científico.

Clues for Wordle Challenge #401 in Spanish for February 11, 2023

  • It is made up of two vowels.
  • It is made up of three consonants.
  • His vowel is repeated.
  • The first letter is a consonant and the last letter is a vowel.
  • Between them there is an R and an S.
  • Unto or tallow of an animal.

Solution for Wordle challenge #401 in Spanish on February 11, 2023

Wordle Tildes Challenge #348 Clues for February 11, 2023

  • It is composed of three vowels.
  • It is composed of three consonants.
  • No letter is repeated.
  • It begins with the vowel with an accent and ends with another vowel.
  • Between them there is a B and an A.
  • The letter that carries the tilde is O.
  • Curved trajectory described by a body in its movement around a center.

Solution for the challenge #348 of Wordle Tildes of February 11, 2023

Clues for the February 11, 2023 Wordle Scientist Challenge #335

  • Contains three vowels.
  • Contains two consonants.
  • There are no repeated letters.
  • It begins with a consonant and ends with a vowel.
  • Among all of them there is an R and an E.
  • Unpleasant feeling caused by certain movements.

Solution for the challenge #335 of Wordle Scientist of February 11, 2023

The 11 alternatives to Wordle to face a new challenge every day

How to play Wordle, Wordle Tildes and Wordle Scientist

To play any of these three versions of Wordle, it will be enough for you to have a computer or mobile device and then click on one of the following links:

All versions agree that they have a maximum of six attempts to find out what the words of the day are. For each one that you write, its letters will light up in three possible colors: green for those that are located correctly, yellow for those that go in another position, and gray for those that do not exist.

Likewise, in the Wordle Tildes you have to put a vowel that has a tilde and in the Scientific Wordle a word or name related to science. Finally, for each word try to put very different words to quickly find the correct letters.

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