Some “extreme security measures” to protect the 40 bundles of 25,000 real euros from ‘Catch a million’

The mythical contest has returned to television to celebrate its tenth anniversary with Manel Fuentes at the helm.


Catch a million is celebrating The mythical contest celebrates 10 years since its premiere in Spain, which is why Atresmedia has decided to broadcast four specials presented by Manel Fuentes. Spanish viewers will enjoy the third special tonight, which will surely not leave anyone indifferent. A new installment where a million real euros They will be placed on the table.

The mythical contest may seem like another television format. However, it has a peculiarity that is rarely seen on the small screen. The money that is played in Catch a million it is real. Yes, as you read. The 40 bundles of 25,000 euros in 50 bills that the contestants move are real, so from the program they have “an exhaustive plan” to protect it.

According to statements to The world of the executive producer of the program, Montse Claros, one of the conditions of the creators of the format was that the money be real. “They advised all countries in production to use a million legal tender. For a television program, playing with wads of bills that add up to a million brings spectacularity and tension. Let’s not forget that the format gives a million to the starting contestants and the goal is for them to keep it as much as possible,” confesses Claros.

In addition, the producer highlights the feeling that the contestants have to see and be able to touch the million euros. “The contestants get goosebumps when they hug, touch, smell a million legal tender. It really is a unique situation that will not be repeated in life, that they make a million available to you,” says the producer of the contest. Of course, the million euros is the same for each contestant who participates in the contest .

Losses or gains are much more real

How do they get and protect the money?

Getting that much money is not an easy task, not even for a TV show. The production of the format requests the necessary cash from the bank on duty in time, as explained. It specifies how the bundles should be of banknotes and what unit of banknote is required”, they declare from the production of the program to The world.

Once you have the amount of money, the entire protection protocol is activated, which is not easy at all. “The security company prepares the bundles according to the production indications and from there a very exhaustive security plan is activated that we cannot disclose for security and confidentiality reasons“, they affirm to the aforementioned medium from Catch a million. What they do assure is that “the security measures are extreme and are brought to the attention of the State security forces.”

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Without a doubt, the contestants of Catch a million they feel the loss of money more than in any other contest. “It’s money, a lot of money, and not paper bills from a board game,” says Claros.

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