Something’s up with one of the Xbox One exclusives: after more than 5 years in silence, this action game and robots returns with an enigma that drives fans crazy – ReCore

Is it possible that we are before the return of a great Xbox One exclusive? If you remember correctly, the Microsoft platform had the exclusive launch of ReCorean action title and robots in a post-apocalyptic world that was also released on PC back in the day 2016. Since then, the developers of comcept have been silent for over 5 years, but now we see the game’s Instagram account being reactivated with a most unusual publication.

Until a few days ago, the last image we found on ReCore’s Instagram profile referred to its Definitive Edition, released back in 2017. However, the account is now updated with the photograph of a series of seemingly meaningless letters and numbers which is accompanied by the following sentence: “Does anyone know what I’m doing with this cryptic code?”.

As expected, the reddit community has not taken long to investigate the message behind this peculiar surprise and, although they have not yet reached a definitive conclusion, they already have a clue to start with: apparently, this is a knitting pattern. But, despite the fact that the girlfriend of a user has gotten down to work to solve this mystery with the needles, there is no concrete image to recreate. Thus, fans of the game believe that the pattern hide additional code which, for the moment, has not been removed.

The creators of ReCore want to see his return

There are not a few who will be encouraged to know that something is moving in ReCore, since it is important to remember that its authors they wanted Xbox Game Studio to recover the IP even if the company decided to hire other developers. At the moment, we can only wait for the fans of the title to solve the mystery published on Instagram, although we also leave you our ReCore analysis In case you still don’t know this marvel signed by Keiji Inafunea titan who has worked on franchises like Street Fighter or Mega Man.