Song: Julien Granel sees life in color and in Louboutin

the essential
The young Landes singer will be in concert at Connexion Live, in Toulouse, on Friday March 3. He will present his first album, “Cooleur”, terribly funk and disco.

He is only 27 years old but already has a world of his own: very colorful and furiously joyful. In a funk and disco register that brings us back to the 80s, to exuberant clothes and disco balls. Julien Granel very early wanted to differentiate himself from his little comrades. “When I was younger, I was very shy, admits the singer. At the conservatory of Mont-de-Marsan, I played classical music knowing that mastering the technique of the piano would allow me to go one day to something more pop. Around 14-15 years old, I felt that style was a good way to open up my mind, mine and that of others. Since then, I dress every day in all colors. This very lively mixture has a positive effect: it makes people happy, triggers dreams and emotions. »

The Cerrone Revelation

On the cover of his first album, subtly titled “Cooleur”, Julien Granel wears a jumpsuit of superheroes with fingernails as painted as the rest of his outfit. “Towards infinity and beyond”, here he goes back in time with well-assembled songs like “Cooleurworld”, “Vertige”, “Amour amour” or “Vers le soleil”. Somewhere between Earth, Wind & Fire and Mika, the young artist embarks his world in a joyful saraband, just the right amount of retro without being dusty. “I have a fairly broad musical culture. As a teenager, I discovered Cerrone by collecting some vinyl from my grandfather (Cerrone who wrote to me on Instagram to tell me that he liked my music!) At the time, I listened to Discovery on repeat, of Daft Punk, like the Japanese funk of Hiroshi Sato. And then also Elton John and Prince, Herbie Hancock in his electric period and the little-known Leon Ware, often sampled today. Disco and funk have always touched me because they combine groove, the desire to move, and sophisticated harmonic research. »
Julien Granel is proud to have convinced the Canadian duo Chromeo, another important marker of his youthful musical passions, to participate in his album on the title “Laisse aller”. He is just as happy with his collaboration with Oli on the lyrics of “Plus fort”, one of the most catchy tracks on the record. “We are friends, we have been following each other for a while. He came to the studio one day to listen to my demos and make me listen to his. He said to me: You are missing a piece, we will do it now. We only had an hour before us but we got there, without really believing it too much. Making music is often a bit of a magical thing.”
Julien Granel also caught the attention of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, co-author of “Multicolor jam 2” and who describes him as a “knight of color” in a world that is too often monochrome. Another relationship was born, just as chic, with Christian Louboutin, whose Landais “curious about everything” signed the music of the global advertising campaign. On stage, “but also every day”, Julien Granel wears the famous shoes with red soles. “I love their wacky and glittery side, he laughs. And then, thanks to her, I feel stronger! »

Julien Granel in concert Friday March 3 at 8 p.m. at Connexion Live (8, rue Gabriel-Péri), ​​Toulouse. Price: €20. Album “Cooleur” (Cinq 7/Wagram).